Lord Whimsy on PAINTING WITH MOSS (2009)

Above: Lush, ground-covering Irish moss.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Lord Whimsy’s (Arthur-sponsored) Terrarium Workshop in Philly. Among many other pieces of invaluable botanical information, he shared one of the most inventive graffiti-making methods that I’ve ever encountered; using cheap ingredients (found moss, water and buttermilk or beer), it is possible to blend up a moss-spreading concoction that can be painted with a brush onto any stone surface (such as a garden wall, walkway or even the exterior of your home) to create the living design of your wildest imagination. If it has always been your dream to have living walls, this could be the start of something beautiful…

Lord Whimsy’s Guide to GROWING YOUR OWN MOSS:

Try spreading your carpet of moss with this method: find and clean a clump of moss. Add equal parts water and buttermilk (beer apparently also works well). Add a couple tablespoons of sugar. Mix in a blender: the consistency should be soupy, but not too watery or thick. Pour wherever you’d like moss to grow. Moist, shady spots are best. You can also apply the moss slurry onto surfaces of stones or walls with a paintbrush.

Above: Japanese moss-covered home.

Sunday, Sept. 13, Philly: HOW TO MAKE A TERRARIUM, hosted by Allen Crawford (aka Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy)



Arthur presents

How to Make a Terrarium
with Allen Crawford (aka Lord Whimsy)

Sunday, September 13

Allen Crawford (aka that guy “Lord Whimsy,” pictured below) will host a workshop on building terrarium environments for the coming cooler months. He will show you how to set up your terrarium, as well as explore the different kinds of containers and plants one can use: classic leafy houseplants, desert succulents, and local wild mosses.

Space is limited to 20 attendees. Workshop tickets are available for $10 in advance, $12 day-of-workshop, as space permits. Reserve space in advance by

* sending $10 per guest via PayPal to editor@arthurmag.com, or
* handing cold hard cash to Jay or Brooke at 2037 Frankford; arrange ahead of time via email to editor@arthurmag.com

This workshop will be held, rain or shine, at 2037 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown (Philadelphia, PA 19125).

Lord Whimsy (full name: Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy) is author of The Affected Provincial’s Companion, Vol. I, published in 2006 by Bloomsbury. More information on the book is available from lordwhimsy.com; his lordship’s blog, The Affected Provincial’s Almanack: inept smatterings of a wood-tramp, is updated with alarming regularity.



Aug 23, Philly: ENTER BOG MAN


From the pictured-above Lord Whimsy:

Just a quick announcement: I’ll be doing a bog garden workshop this Sunday, August 23rd at 2PM in historic Whitesbog Village. We’ll go over the needs of popular bog plants like Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants and Sundews (care sheets will be available), and I’ll do a rudimentary demonstration on how to build a small container garden for these plants.

I’ve also heard rumors that friend and bog man extraordinaire Bill Smith (of JAWS Ltd. and Rarefind fame) may be attending! The man has the largest and most diverse bog garden I’ve ever seen, so with luck we can look forward to Bill lending his own invaluable advice on how to care for these plants.

If you have a spare couple hours on Sunday, come on out. Hope to see you there!

A $5 donation is requested. Reserve by phone: 609.893.4646 or email: programmanagerwpt@comcast.net

More info/links at Whimsy’s site here