Reggae for the weekend: Coxsone Dodd

When they were at the top of their game, the tuneful curators at the Magic of Juju were running one of the best audioblogs on the web. They’ve been quiet of late, but most of their collection of Indian ragas, Malian guitar jams and Indonesian field recordings is still available for your perusal.

They’ve also got a friend named “Jah(n)” who drops in every once in awhile to offer us these wonderful collections of classic reggae and dub, often previously unreleased and almost always ripped from the original vinyl singles. The last post from Jah(n) and the Juju crew came at the end of November, and it’s a doozy: Seven hours, give or take, of sides from seminal Jamaican producer C.S. “Coxsone” Dodd. Go check it out here.

Dodd–the founder of Kingston’s Studio One label–was born this week back in 1932, so we figured now is as good a time as any to overload our hard drives with his sweet irie jams. That, and, of course here in the Atwater office we’re looking at 80-degree temperatures this weekend and want to be ready should barbecues begin to spontaneously alight.