Saturday, November 14th – DEVIL'S TRUMPET @ Perfect Wave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

A candlelight music show in celebration of the crepuscular descension of fall, featuring nebulous electronics combined with classical components and an element of the barely perceptible unknown… hot cider and whiskey will be served, binaural beats will be played live on didgeridoos between sets.

Musical performances by


ABLEHEARTS (Tom Arsenault)

LA BIG VIC (Emilie Friedlander + Toshio Masuda)

$5 at the door

Saturday, November 14th, 8:30pm
Perfect Wave Gallery
184 West St. #2 / Brooklyn, NY 11222 (See map.)

Saturday, June 6th at WEST NILE in Brooklyn, NY

Come to Paris London West Nile on Saturday to be enveloped in a curious medley of pulsating waves and beats, courtesy of experimental guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Mario Diaz de Leon, ethereal Berlin-style electronic duo Blondes, Porkchop (Jon Nicholson of Excepter) and Freddy Niteliker.

Saturday, June 6th, 9:30PM
West Nile
285 Kent Ave b’tween South 1st and 2nd / Brooklyn, NY 11211
Free (By donation)