JULY 21, 2011: NO FLAG

Photo by Lance Bangs

Last night, following No Age’s set at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, infamous site of LAPD hooliganism (start here to learn more: LA Times), this happened: an unannounced bonus set (6 songs, 10 minutes), NO AGE plus original BLACK FLAG members bassist Chuck Dukowski and vocalist Keith Morris, playing classic BLACK FLAG songs… NO FLAG!

NO FLAG setlist: “Wasted,” “Revenge,” “Fix Me,” “I’ve Had It,” “No Values,” “Nervous Breakdown”

“You security people, could you just please stand where you’re at and not move?” – Keith Morris turns the tables on the LAPD. Unbelievable, intense, historic.

Major kudos to FYF Fest promoter Sean Carlson (and the City of LA) for making this righteous & beautiful event possible.

(above image via J. Wyatt!)

Scenes from Arthur Magazine-presented L.A. River Beautification Meeting featuring NO AGE

photo by Richard A. Pleuger

This past Saturday afternoon Arthur Magazine presented an L.A. River Beautification Meeting featuring a performance by NO AGE–a community gathering action in celebration of public space and nature amongst the urban sprawl, powered by a single generator we rented for $58 from a supply store.

Unfortunately, the beautiful, peaceful, all-ages, free public gathering was interrupted by sadly misguided Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority rangers who, working with a dubious understanding of the law, announced by megaphone 19 minutes into No Age’s performance that the band and audience were not allowed to be in or near the riverbed. (Apparently we were supposed to be shopping at the mall or watching sports on television rather than gathering together down by the river as people were doing long before “Los Angeles” existed.)

Still, the event was a wonderful, worthwhile endeavor. Joshua Pressman shot some pix and wrote an account at LAist.com:

Mark Frohman & Molly Frances of colornational.com shot and edited a film of the event in a single evening. Here it is:

Part one: gathering and music…

Part two: more music…

Part three: busted…

“Did you know you can rent a generator for $52 and set up and play ANYWHERE until the cops come? So do it, do it and send me the pictures. It was such a radical spectacle. You forget that you can do this kind of thing. They made it through 4 songs. And then the cops showed up. Asking everyone who was in charge of this, and nobody knowing. A funny flurry of activity, people packing up and getting out of there. One of the more memorable moments of the Fall. A rich afternoon.” Wonderful photos and account by Cali at

No Age:

L.A. Park Rangers:

More information about the L.A. River is available at Friends of the L.A. River…

“Nature Trumps,” an L.A. River blog compiled by arthur editor jay babcock: