Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint — George Orwell

June 25– George Orwell
British novelist, anarchist journalist, anti-Stalinist.

*Spain: Fiesta of Santa Orosia. Pilgrims climb to murdered maiden’s mountain sanctuary where the saint’s head is displayed, picnic, sing, dance, drink, fight and make love.

1822 — German phantasist E.T.A. Hoffman dies, Berlin, Germany.
1852 — Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi born, Reus, Tarragona, Spain.
1868 — Six southern, former Confederate states readmitted to U.S.
1876 — Genocidal General George Armstrong Custer killed at Little Big Horn.
1878 — Ezra Haywood gets two years hard labor for advocating sexual emancipation in the U.S.
1903 — George Orwell born as Eric Blair, Motihari, Bengal, India.
1913 — Anti-colonialist surrealist Aimé Césaire born, Basse-Pointe, Martinique.
1950 — War breaks out in Korea as North Korean troops invade the South.
1983 — Alexander Haig reluctantly relinquishes control of the U.S. White House following near-assassination of Ronald Reagan.
1984 — French philosopher Michel Foucault dies of AIDS, Paris, France

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective