FWAF 2009 – 'RETURN AS AN ANIMAL' by Bruno Dicolla

The 3rd annual Floating World Animation Fest features senses shattering video art and psychedelic animation from the secret world of motionography. 3+ hours of mind melting, soul loving psychedelicanimation… this summer’s ultimate videocation!

Return as an Animal from Bruno Dicolla on Vimeo.

Bruno Dicolla’s gorgeous short film about the myth of the eternal return of life after death.  Floating World Animation Fest 2009 – Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Portland OR – June 25th.

We’ll be screening a 1 hour preview of the animation fest tonite at Floating World Comics (20 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR), to coincide with ‘EXPLODED DRAWINGS 2‘: art opening with E*Rock and Cody Brant.