Wednesday, December 1st – NEW EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION @ Anthology Film Archives in NYC

Presenting work by Jan Svankmajer, Jiri Barta, Georges Méliès, Yuri Norstein, Maureen Selwood, Eric Leiser, Alice Cohen, Tobias Stretch and many more!

Program 3: Strange, Off Beat, Weird Humor followed by an
unofficial screening of Eric Leiser‘s upcoming feature film.

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003
6:00 – 9:00 PM

Arthur Radio Transmission #30 w/ ALICE COHEN

Above: Collage of spliced animation stills taken from Alice Cohen’s “Mirror Moves For Private Eyes” on Vimeo.

Alice Cohen is a musician-animator, a wearer of various brightly-colored hats who has traversed many a terrain over the past 30 years, from Philly r&b songwriter to new wave frontwoman (of The Vels) to the present, where she is both a one-woman-band (her most recent LP “Walking Up Walls” was released on Olde English Spelling Bee in 2009) and the creator of many magical worlds in her meticulously collaged stop-motion animations, which draw from a palette of art deco interiors, vintage women’s fashion magazines, early hollywood memorabilia, abstract shapes, insects, birds, the moon, dream spaces and beyond.

She is currently working on music videos for Weekends, Linda Hagood, and Vomit Heat, and her video piece “Ear Candy” will be shown (in full big screen glory) as part of an experimental animation night at Anthology Film Archives on December 1st in NYC.

Above: Animation still from Alice Cohen’s “Ear Candy” on Vimeo.

STREAM IT: [audio:

KEEP IT: Arthur Radio Transmission #30 w/ ALICE COHEN 9-18-2010
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Floating World Animation Fest presents: DMTV – Oct. 13 at Holocene, PDX

(poster by Drew Marshall)

Floating World Animation Fest returns with a new name and trippier mission. We’ve dug even deeper into the vaults of psychedelic animation to curate a heroic dose of visionary video art for this year’s animation fest.

For our fourth annual animation fest it was time to focus on what we liked best from previous shows and continue to seek out films that really embrace the infinite mysteries that resonate with us. The result is DMTV, a program that goes further into experimental realms of video art and abstract visuals.

Rounding out the evening are two of my favorite local bands, Atole and Nice Nice who will perform with live visuals mixed by e*Rock and Yoshi Sodeoka.


WHO: Atole, Nice Nice; films by: Barry Doupe, Michael Robinson, James Mercer, Eurico Coelho, Jacob Ciocci, Milton Croissant, David O’Reilly, Dash Shaw, Dalibor Baric, Kihachiro Kawamoto, Max Hattler, Jesus Rivera, Max Capacity and more!

WHAT: FWC’s 4th annual animation fest & live music by Atole, Nice Nice

WHEN: Wednesday, October 13th, 8pm – 1am

WHERE: Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St.

COST: $7 at door, $5 advance tickets at Floating World, 21+

DMTV trailer – Floating World Animation Fest, Holocene, Oct. 13th 2010 from Floating World Comics on Vimeo.

Highlights of this year’s program include:

Travel, aka The Trip (1973) – Kihachiro Kawamoto studied puppet animation in Prague in 1963 before going on to create his own haunting puppet and cut-out animations drawing from his own Japanese heritage. Travel depicts the journey of a young girl into the Dali-esque landscape of her own psyche.

Apeiron (1996) – Eurico Coelho depicts a modern technological labyrinth where society has surrendered to the cold lamps of their computer screens. The entirety of this ten minute film was animated on a Commodore Amiga 4000, giving the film a completely fresh aesthetic that has outlived the technology with which it was created.

The Peace Tape (2008) – With a title hearkening back to the analog era, The Peace Tape is a frenetic remix of old and new “found” video. Culling his sources from thrift stores (countless straight-to-VHS childrens’ programs), the Internet (a single YouTube clip featuring “dog in a dog costume”), and his own designs (flash animation of eyes and mouths, subliminal flickers of text), Ciocci concentrates hours of light entertainment into a dense, four-minute block. Saved from total sensory overload by the musical logic of Extreme Animals’ “A Better Way,” The Peace Tape is cryptic, hypnotic (and above all), empathetic. “Culture is out of control,” Ciocci explains, “but it is ok.”

Whose Toes (2009) – Barry Doupé’s films are as surreal as any Lynch or Jodorowsky movie, but with an added level of weirdness because they are rendered with Sims-like polygon graphics. Showcasing the late Princess Diana and JFK as its main characters, we are invited to return to past events that have caused discomfort, and to re-imagine a misstep in time.

The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D (2009) – This original animated web series is based on graphic novelist and comic book artist Dash Shaw’s latest book of the same title. Shaw’s animation has been widely praised for its eclectic style, innovative design and emotional depth.

Arthur Radio Voyage #9: Forest Dwelling with Overture

Above (left): Collage by Aya & Jason (Overture), created live in the radio station during the broadcast of Arthur Radio Voyage #9. Double-click to view fullscreen.

Stream: [audio:

Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #9: Forest Dwelling with Overture

This week we arrived at the Newtown Radio studio to find it transformed beyond recognition… emerald green vines blanketed the walls, and a lush carpet of multi-colored mosses and swamp grass covered the floor. We pushed our way through a thicket of elephant ears into a sun-dappled glade, where our guests Jason & Aya (otherwise known as Overture, the minds behind the cover of the recent Six Organs of Admittance/Azul split LP), were seated on bed of soft purple and magenta leaves. We listened under the shade of a poplar tree as they read tales of fantastical landscapes where landslides, floods and rainfall had created a boggy wonderland full of dancing musical animals, rhubarb babies, and a wise old vegetable lady…

After the storytelling, we ventured into the glade to ask our enchanting guests more about these worlds they had woven before our eyes. The first reading, it turns out, was inspired by a spine-tinglingly beautiful animation that the the super-artist duo made for Múm‘s song “Rhubarbidoo” from their 2007 album Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.

The second reading was inspired by the following three animations, which the artists made for experimental piano maestro Hauschka‘s 2008 album Ferndorf:

The third reading, a story in which “An old man confronts his fears, traveling across a personal landscape to realize and accept his path,” was based on an animation Overture made for the song “Bless” by Icelandic musician Kira Kira, which is featured on her 2008 album Our Map to the Monster Olympics. This video was just released to the world officially yesterday — Enjoy!!!

Learn more about Jason & Aya’s work and future escapades at and on their blog.

This week’s playlist…
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'STARE INTO THE SUN' by Ian Stevenson

From UK illustrator Ian Stevenson:

Revealing the world of a strange small man, who spends his days away from the world. While indulging in strange pleasures he is suddenly thrown into a fantastical journey.

This animation has been shown at a Pictoplasma animation festival and as part of my presentation at SweetTalk in Ireland. Thanks for all your support and please help us to create more animations by watching and blogging it.

FWAF 2009 'STORY FROM NORTH AMERICA' by Garrett Davis & Kirsten Lepore

Story from North America from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Here’s a story from North America. A young boy is scared of a spider and asks his daddy to kill it before it hurts him. The father points out the flawed logic of preemptive strikes and explains the values of compassion and living in harmony. Music you’ll be humming by Garrett Davis, animation by Kirsten Lepore.

The 3rd annual Floating World Animation Fest features senses shattering video art and psychedelic animation from the secret world of motionography. 3+ hours of mind melting, soul loving psychedelicanimation… this summer’s ultimate videocation! Floating World Animation Fest 2009 – Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Portland OR – June 25th.