Longtime Levis friend and collaborator Andy Pierce passed this along…

Dennis Palmer, co-founder of the Shaking Ray Levis duo and namesake Shaking Ray Levi Society passed away February 15, 2013. Visual artist, storyteller, educator, mentor, friend and the world’s most colorfully inventive synthesizer player, he will be greatly missed.

Death notice and memorial info

Derek Bailey, Amy Denio, Dennis Palmer: “I Miss a Friend Like You”

Times Free Press article

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Dennis Palmer Portraiture

With Rev. Howard Finster and Bob Stagner

With Col. Bruce Hampton and Davey Williams

With Shelley Hirsch and Bob Stagner

With Amy Denio, Jessica Lurie, and Bob Stagner

With Derek bailey and Bob Stagner

All hail the Shaking Ray Levis…

The Shaking Ray Levis remain one of America’s unheralded SOUTHERN free-improv treasures. They have been active in performance, teaching, and organizing in the region since 1986. The 1993 Shaking Ray Levis Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee was one of the most important festivals of the period, featuring sets by Anthony Braxton, “the last working Southern black minstrel” Abner Jay, Caroliner Rainbow and others…far and away beyond the present day Bonnaroos.

Here is a 20-minute mini-documentary about the festival by filmmaker Michael Johnson.

BONUS CLIP: An excerpt from one of Derek Bailey’s final USA performances, at Tonic in NYC with the Shaking Ray Levis in 2003…