Sickness Fighter

A lot of people I know have recently fallen victim to head colds, cough, flu and other maladies that keep us all back from doing what we need to do every day. After fighting off a bad cold for the last few days, I thought it would be helpful to share a recipe I put together to combat it, because nobody wants to be sick. This just might keep you from falling to the wayside…

Apple Ginger Mint Juice

2 apples, chopped (I recommend Fuji, but use whatever you want)
1 heaping tablespoon ginger paste (found at most Indian grocery stores, helps with consistency)
1 handful chopped mint (cheaper if you grow it yourself, great in the summer)
1 teaspoon Maca Powder (If you’re into that sort of thing…)
1 big squeeze of lemon juice
2 cups orange juice (or substitute part water until liquidy enough to fit your taste)
1 cup ice

Blend it all together – and voila! Your immune system will be better equipped to fight anything that crosses its path.