UNEMPLOYMENT by Aaron Lake Smith


Punk Rock pessimism best describes Arthur contributor Aaron Lake’s Smith narrative of the anguish of being an aging, unemployed, punk. After receiving a zine written by German squatters titled “Happy Unemployed” Smith is forced to realize that the punk rock fantasy of outsmarting the work-world and eradicating deadtime do not so easily go hand in hand. Unlike the happy squatters, Smith is too old to be a crusty, too ambitious for some sort of career success, and too not-German to suckle off a welfare state.

Published by the zine world’s HarperCollins, Microcosm, Unemployment is formatted in the style of a Jack Chick tract. The story reads nothing like a classic Evangelically-polemic Jack Chick storyline until Smith turns to Crimethinc’s Days of War Nights of Love like the Good Book, and is climactically visited by its messianic author in a dream. The religious turn cements Smith’s pessimism, both for integration into capitalism and the faith that his ideals will deliver anything better.

Perhaps Unemployment‘s thematically closed approach lead Smith to release it as a single issue instead of as a regular issue of Big Hands. The punk zine form reminds us of a collective project underway, while Unemployment is the isolated story of an isolated person that is lacking something far more significant than a paying job. It’s the perfect read for urbanites like myself who appreciate allusions to Black Flag and Nietzsche within pages of each other, drinking black coffee, and waxing endlessly about the ugly confines of civilization.

Buy it from Microcosm press for 2 bucks.

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint — Margaret Sanger

Sex reformer, birth-control advocate, feminist activist.

Oxford, England: ST. GILES FAIR, an 800-year old pleasure fest.
Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, England: THE HORN DANCE, an ancient
tradition wherein a troupe of 12 men — six with reindeer horns, others
with a hobby-horse, a man/woman Maid Marian, a fool, an archer, a
concertina player and a boy with a triangle around his neck — dress
as foresters. They dance 14 miles around the town boundaries
before the antler men do their long and strange horn dance, followed
by a pleasure fair which lasts late into the night.

1522 — Magellan’s ship completes first round-the-world voyage.
1566 — Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent dies, Constantinople, Turkey.
1860 — Hull House founder, social activist Jane Addams born Cedarville, Illinois.
1901 — U.S. President William McKinley shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz.
1941 — Jews in Nazi Germany are required to wear yellow Star of David badges.
1966 — Sex reformer, birth-control advocate Margaret Sanger dies, Tucson, Arizona.
1974 — Housing occupations & barricading in Rome lead to legalized squatting.