Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

The first time I heard Fuck Buttons I was in a house that was belching smoke from a smoke machine and there was a guy swinging from the rafters by his hands, wearing nothing but pajama bottoms. The friend who delivered me to this party — you may know his work as the author of Arthur’s “Do The Math” column — disappeared into the gloom, only to pop back through the fog moments later yelling incomprehensibly over the music and swinging a giant bong around. He was also wearing a flight helmet, while another guy behind him was fast approaching in a fencing mask. So needless to say the band’s videos for their glistening kaleidoscope noise jams have a long way to go when it comes to trumping the images I already have in my head. Luckily, this video for “Surf Solar” — the first single from Tarot Sport, their Andrew Weatherall-produced sophomore release due out in October 2009 — delivers with penguin races and pulsating symmetrical neon signs or something. The video was directed by Fuck Button Andrew Hung.

Their first album, Street Horrrsing is also just grrreat, and yielded this wonderful video for “Bright Tomorrow,” directed by Hung, and comprised entirely of camera phone photography asplosions.