Map For An Other LA


The Llano Del Rio working group’s “Map For An Other LA” (pictured above) is now available free.

The full-color, two-sided map sites and describes locations that support, dream, act and aid in the creation of an other Los Angeles. Beekeepers, greywater operators, hacker spaces, cooperatives, collectives, art spaces, radical places, gardens, swimming holes, cooking collectives, think tanks etc….

Two ways to get the map:

1) If you live in LA County simply email us your postal address and we’ll drop one in the mail for you free (till postage $ runs out)
Contact llanodelrio(at)

2) Maps have been delivered to the following and ever-expanding distribution nodes. Pick up a copy or two at these locations around town:
Machine Project
Bicycle Kitchen
Bike Oven
Echo Park Film Center
Sea and Space
Materials and Applications
Barf Space

We’ll be expanding our distribution universe (to the valley and Westside especially) so keep an eye out.

Take a dip in ye olde swimming hole…

It’s starting to get pretty darn hot across certain latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere — some would say it’s the perfect time to start scouting out local swimming spots for cooling off in mother nature the old-fashioned way, sans the chlorine and claustrophobic atmosphere of modern swimming pools.

Thanks to a tip from longtime Arthur contributing writer Peter Relic, we are now clued into, an online database that makes it easy to locate beautiful, natural dipping holes in your area: focuses on moving, fresh water spots – like creeks, rivers, springs and waterfalls. Also listed are some selected hot springs (in the west) and other swimming places on lakes, quarries or bays which have unique features that make them especially beautiful or fun for swimming.