ARTHUR BEST OF 2007 LISTS No. 18: Paloma Parfrey


1. PJ Harvey, White Chalk, vinyl, {back to the old grade}
2. Advanced Adult Enzyme Blend, Udo’s Chioce
3. Hemp Seed Oil, lots of omegas but not as eggy fishy as flax, instead it’s nutty!!!
4. Wing Hop Fung for herbs & teas
5. The Ego & the id
6. Tamala Poljak’s hair
7. Devon Williams & Allen Bleyle
8. Bible Children
9. Punky Reggae Party @ la cita
10. Grand Hotel
11. Anna Oxygen
12. Sara Paul & the jean seam
13. Dirt Bird
14. Lily Marlene
15. grain-free cat food
16. Big Sur’s bran muffins & the library
17. Sarah Cake’s outfits
18. E.S.P.S.
19. the smell, echo curio, tiny creatures, per space
20. Echo Park farmer’s market

The amazing Paloma Parfrey fronted the late great Sharp Ease, featured in Arthur No. 24. She is adventuring across Europe this winter doing musical performances with Tamala Poljak. Her new band is TEMPORARY WAR AND PEACE; they are debuting Sunday, January 6 at Part Time Punks at the Echo.