Cataloging and Catagorizing Genetic Modification: the Center for PostNatural History

atlanticsalmon Pittsburgh artist Rich Pell has recently launch a site for his long-running research on genetically-modified cultural organism-material under the banner heading of the Center for PostNatural History. The salmon pictured is typical of an little-known story embedded in our daily lives, a sterile genetic mutant farmed and industrially raised and eaten by many of us. Pell’s site explores the many ways genetic fuckery is scattered around and within us. Eye-popping and antena-stiffening stuff.

It’s well worth mentioning in this context that Pell is also the CEO of Specific Records, a vinyl-only label which has thus far produced exactly three utterly gorgeous object-documents of brainy musical underbelly-popcraft in editions of between 99 and 500 copies only that come highly recommended.