Arthur Radio Transmission #37 w/ SAADI

Recorded on a whim days before Hairy Painter left for Thailand, this episode of Arthur Radio is a celebration of all possible futures; roads that we choose to take, for whatever reason, that ultimately lead us to another, and yet another. Whether life is a choose-your-own-adventure or a fated journey is unknown to us, but it is empowering to believe that we mold our own destinies.

The positive energy created by special guests SAADI (Boshra AlSaadi of Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang with Tim Wagner)’s performance was tangible in the Newtown Radio studio, where we stayed after hours to dance with christmas lights in the dark. White-saged into the present, we returned to the streets with a sense of newness in every passing moment.

Photo: Alberto Milazzo

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DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio w/ SAADI 12-05-2010

Timeline below…

Hairy Painter & Ivy Meadows DJ @ 00:00

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Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – JOAN MIRO

April 20 — Joan Miro
Great Catalan painter, sculptor, printmaker, bon-vivant.

* Thailand: Rice Planting Day
* Jewish Passover

1494 — Antinomian religious protestant Johannes Agricola born.
1893 — Surrealist painter Joan Miro born, Montroing, Spain.
1914 — Ludlow massacre of striking miners and families by National Guard.
1953 — U.S. Justice Department makes Communists register as foreign agents.
1969 — People’s Park planted, Berkeley, California.
1998 — German terrorist Red Army Faction announces dissolution after 28 years.

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective