Mitch Altman's revolutionary Trip Glasses ("a sound and light brain machine")

I was lucky enough to get a 14-minute test ride with this device a couple days ago, courtesy Mitch himself (and Scott Beibin), and can personally attest to its efficacy. Mitch says they should be available commercially soon, retailing for $40. Something like this is long overdue, especially given that Brion Gysin’s dream machine, which works on a similar principle, was developed decades ago. Experienced meditators and psychonauts will recognize the spaces in consciousness that your brain travels to with the aid of this device; others are in for a pleasant, overwhelming shock. It’s like a trailer for an actual psilocybin or LSD trip, or for what you may experience in deeper meditation. Wonderful, much needed—and totally subversive. Well done, Mitch!

Here’s some video with some other folks trying out the Trip Glasses..


Click here for Trip Glasses site

More info: Make magazine