TALKING AND DRUM SOLOS by Warren “Baby” Dodds

Talking & Drum Solos + Country Brass Bands 

 (UMS241CD) $13.00 

One of the most important pieces of vinyl ever waxed, TALKING AND DRUM SOLOS is the first recorded
album of drum solos- by one of the great pioneers of jazz percussion: Warren “Baby” Dodds. 

    A mainstay
of the early Chicago jazz scene alongside his brother, clarinetist Johnny
Dodds- and inspiration to countless jazz trapmen (including Han Bennink-
who has cited TALKING as his favorite record), this endlessly inventive
original was born in the Big Easy in 1898. Dodds made his mark in the mid-30s,
peaking as the featured artist at a 1946 Carnegie Hall Pops Concert. 

    The cornerstone
of our remastered UMS reissue is Dodds‚ rare1946 Folkways Records 10″,
featuring him playing and (true to the title) talking about drumming styles
of of the early jazz era, as recorded by the legendary Mose Asch. Also
assembled here for your infotainment & contextual purposes are twenty
bonus tracks from Folkways Records‚ COUNTRY BRASS BANDS OF THE SOUTH, VOLUME
ONE collection, recorded by Frederic Ramsey Jr. Ramsey, a Guggenheim Fellow
who edited the TALKING session, also recorded many strange & wonderful
brass bands from Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi, circa 1954. These
recordings clearly demonstrate the creative & adventurous sounds that
these early brass bands were capable of back in the day.     Capping
it all off are deeply illuminating liner notes by well-regarded writer
Kevin Whitehead, frequent contributor to THE WIRE, Chicago Reader, and
author of NEW DUTCH SWING. Under license from Smithsonian Folkways.