Housekeeping: Arthur No. 33 (Jan 2013) is nearing sellout


Somehow we’re down to our final fifty copies of Arthur No. 33 (Jan 2013), less than three months after publication. We’ve ceased supplying wholesalers and retailers and will reduce the last of our stock through direct sales to individuals only. Copies are available for $5 plus shipping and handling from The Arthur Store (click here).

Arthur No. 33’s contents include…

Dream a Deeper Dream: A how-to conversation with cartoonist ROARIN’ RICK VEITCH by Jay Babcock. Plus “Cartographer of the American Dreamtime,” an appreciation of Rick Veitch and his work by Mr. Alan Moore. Mr. Veitch’s “Self-Portrait in Six Dimensions” graces our cover.

JACK ROSE: the definitive, career-spanning interview with this late great America guitarist, conducted by Brian Rademaekers just months before his death three years ago. Plus: Jack Rose discography compiled by Byron Coley, and an illustration of a classic Jack Rose pose by Plastic Crimewave.

An illuminating/endarkening conversation with sparkling Luciferian artist FRANK HAINES by Eliza Swann

Stewart Voegtlin on WAYLON JENNINGS’ dark dream, with an illustration by Beaver

Columnist DAVE REEVES on Burroughs, bath salts and border guards, with an illustration by Arik Roper

Columnist NANCE KLEHM on new modes of exchange—and homemade smokes, with an illustration by Kira Mardikes

Cartoonist GABBY SCHULZ explores our interstate nightmare

The Center for Tactical Magic on “The Magic(k) of Money” — and how YOU can win $1000 for planning a BANK ROBBERY!

“Bull Tongue” columnists BYRON COLEY & THURSTON MOORE survey happenings in underground culture, paying special attention to new and archival releases from Claude Pelieu; Spectre Folk; United Waters; Devin, Gary & Ross; Jess Franco; Mick Farren; Chris D.; Donna Lethal; Crystal Siphon; Mad River; Horace; Erewhon Calling by Bruce Russell; Toy Love; The Clean; David Kilgour; The Heavy Eights; Chris Corsano; Joe McPhee; Rangda; Ben Chasny; Sir Richard Bishop; David Oliphant; Brothers Unconnected; 200 Years; Six Organs of Admittance; Gary Panter; Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski; Cheater Slicks; Ron House; Above Ground; Vacuum; Max Block; Dead C; Axemen; Hamish Kilgour; Circle Pit; Kitchen’s Floor; Bits of Shit; and Boomgates. Plus a special report on The Ex 33 festival at Cafe Oto in East London, featuring The Ex, John Butcher, Zea + Charles, Jackadaw With Crowbar, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Trash Kit, Steve Beresford, Wolter Weirbos, Valentina Campora, Gabriella Maiorino, Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne-James Chaton, Ad Baars, Jorge Vega, Ian Saboya, Enrique Vega, Tony Buck and Roy Paci.

and the proverbial much much more

July 4, L.A.: Arthur presents "Willie Nelson's 4th of July Celebration" screening at the 3rd Annual Cinefamily 4th of July BBQ Blowout

3rd Annual Cinefamily 4th of July BBQ Blowout (feat. The Fantastic Sights And Sounds of Virtual Fireworks and Other Movie Mayhem!!!!)

Co-presented by Arthur Magazine

From Cinefamily:

We’d like to invite you all to the best 4th of July party since the Capitol Celebration of 1778, when George Washington gave the United States Army an artillery salute and a double ration of rum! Well, we’re gonna give you a quintuple ration of cinema with one of our signature Cinefamily “Mondo” nights. It’s all planned out: an open door to our sweet back patio, good music, friends, and that most American of traditions—a BBQ, so bring something to grill! And if it gets too hot, just step inside our nice air-conditioned theatre, and catch our marathon film festival. “Mondo” means a world of weirdness built around a theme, and tonight’s theme is America, so it’s a patriotic free-for-all of film formats, from DVDs to 16mm industrials, to 35mm features. We’ll be keeping the fest alive all night long, just like our grill! Check out the highlights:

5PM: We light the grill. We begin the festivities… [Arthur Magazine deejays will be on hand to spin proper barbecue music. Also, courtesy Rounder Records, we will be giving away copies of Willie’s sweet new album — see below—to winners of a contest whose nature is yet to be determined.]

6PM-ish: WILLIE NELSON’S 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION! An incredibly rare boozy ‘n woozy full-length concert film, shot at the 1977 edition of Willie’s very informal annual 4th of July concert festival. Featuring Willie, Waylon, Leon Russell, Doug Kershaw and other great country stars singin’, sweatin’, partyin’—and most importantly of all, drinkin’. These folks were some of the ultimate party animals, with Leon Russell emerging as the King of Booze in some of the most gloriously inebriated footage ever shot! As Austin, TX’s Alamo Drafthouse says: “These good ol’ boys knew as much about partying as Marie Curie knew about radium. Be there!!!!”

8:08PM: VIRTUAL FIREWORKS SHOW! According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the July 4th sun will set at 8:08 PM. We wouldn’t want you to miss the fireworks, so we’ll be screening best-of videos from international fireworks competitions, experimental films and enough jingoistic eye candy to make you oooh and aaah!

8:30-ish: UNCLE SAM The climax of the night is this patriotic back-from-the-dead revenge slasher from the fevered minds of William Lustig (Maniac) and Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, God Told Me To), featuring a Gulf War solider killed by friendly fire who returns to extract bloody payback from any draft dodgers, flag burners and oily military men he can find. Perfect viewing for when you’re chomping down the last charred remains of any remaining hot dog from the grill. Abbondanza!

Tickets – $10/free for members — Buy here

The Cinefamily
611 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 655-2510


Download: “Man With the Blues” — Wille Nelson (mp3)

“If you need a little shove in fouling up in love/come to me, I’m the man with the blues”

Sweet-to-these-ears new Wille-penned blues, from this great American outlaw’s new album, Country Music out now on Rounder Records, produced by T-Bone Burnett (!). More info at Amazon

Also of interest: Wille Nelson Peace Research Institute

And, very highly recommended: The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart by Willie Nelson with Turk Pipkin


Thanks Kevin Barker!