Sat. April 6, L.A.: Arthur presents RADIO UNNAMEABLE screening with counterculture legend Bob Fass and doc filmmakers in special Q & A


Arthur is very pleased indeed to present a special Los Angeles screening of the new feature-length documentary RADIO UNNAMEABLE about free-form FM radio pioneer Bob Fass and his ridiculously long-running midnight program.

For nearly 50 years, Bob has been heard on New York City listener-supported station WBAI, utilizing the airwaves for in-the-moment journalism, in-studio artistic performance, learned philosophizing and righteous mobilization, long before today’s innovations in social media. He is one of the original Yippies, whose outrageous/visionary actions helped sway pigheaded America in the late ‘60s toward eventual progress (or at least getting the hell out of Viet Nam). The film draws from Bob’s extraordinary personal archive of audio recordings—including appearances by Bob Dylan and Abbie Hoffman, and performances by Karen Dalton, Arlo Guthrie, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hamza El Din and more.

RADIO UNNAMEABLE opens at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles on Friday, April 5 for a one-week engagement. Arthur is presenting the 7:30 screening this Saturday April 6. Journalist, counterculture scholar and longtime Arthur contributor Michael Simmons will introduce the film with his patented song-dance-and-groove approach. Directors Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson, along with subject Bob Fass, will do a Q and A afterwards.

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You can learn more about the film and watch a short trailer here:

Let's help 'em get it done…

You may remember BOB FASS, the charismatic New York City counter-culture radioman, from 2005’s Arthur No. 13 (available from Arthur Store), wherein he spoke about his role in the 1967 exorcism of the Pentagon. Or perhaps you saw him profiled by Marc Fisher in the New Yorker in December, 2006. Now, thanks to the good folks who made the great Holy Modal Rounders documentary from a couple years back, we’re about to get a full-length documentary film on Bob and his long-running “Radio Unnameable” show. But first, they need help to get the job done. Here’s where you come in…

From the “Radio Unnameable” documentary Kickstarter page

THE STORY Radio Unnameable is a documentary film about influential radio personality Bob Fass who revolutionized the FM airwaves by developing a patchwork of music, politics, comedy and reports from the street, effectively creating free form radio as we know it today. And for nearly 50 years, Fass has been heard at midnight on New York City listener-sponsored station WBAI. Radio Unnameable documents Fass’s eventful and controversial career, his involvement with some of the most gripping cultural movements of our time, while placing his story in a larger context of the struggle to keep free expression on the dial.

We started shooting in Spring 2007 and are about to begin editing the film. Our goal is to finish by the end of 2010 then premiere at a major film festival in 2011.

For the most part, we have been self-financing the film over the past few years. In order to meet our deadline to finish the project, we need your support…