April 4th – Wild Garden – Group art show opening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Let us consider the man who fried roses for his dinner, whose kitchen smelled like a burning rose garden; or the man who disguised himself as a moth and ate his overcoat, and for dessert served himself a chilled fedora… – Russell Edson

Wild Garden is a self-organized event held in celebration of spring’s arrival. Over 27 artists of diverse backgrounds will be involved, together creating a space to channel the frenetic energy of the season…

Special guest DJ Bad Wolf Farkas, with visuals by Dani Quilez

Date & Time: Opening Saturday, April 4th, 8pm – onwards
(Also on view April 5th, Noon – 11pm, Closing April 6th, 7 – 10pm)
Location: 184 West St. #2 / Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Here’s a map.)
Price: F-r-e-e entry, with recession-priced drinks, hand-crafted merchandise and a medley of snacks