Starting April 3, L.A.: PFFR (Xavier: Renegade Angel, Wonder Showzen) Presents "Legacy IIX" at Synchronicity Space


> From the mushheads who have broughten you such tele/videvisual
> creambominations as Xavier: Renegade Angel ([adult swim]), Wonder
> Showzen (MTV), Final Flesh (Drag City) unt Hands of God (God); the
> soundmares of United We Doth (Birdman Records); the spastic dancing
> failures of various art attempts and one-offs bedazzling the nations
> glorious hole, comes the ultimate attempt at re-creating the
> maullification of our “society”. PFFR presents Legacy IIX.
> Godard got through the Louvre in less than 60 seconds. We took it
> upon, nay, up on ourselves to run through every mall in ‘merica in
> under a minute. The intake was a full frontal assault on our
> collective mind’s eye, that visually ralphed on the forgotten pages
> where it hath been discovered by our scientist, nay, our fact
> fuckers that the dinosaurs do in fact exist. So do we as well and
> here is the astroidal proof (pre-collision and post-dustings) for
> your consideration. We’ve swallowed ourselves whole and hope to
> pass any savings unto your naked chests for this one. This, Legacy
> IIX.
> So, please let us take over, nay, take under the world’s highest
> hopes/arts to bemuse and extricate the yuckity yucks that are most
> needed in a time like this. If we can make you laugh, then shame on
> us. But if we can make you cry, in fear, then let’s hang out more
> often….
> Love,
> xPoFxFoRx
> An opening reception for “Legacy IIX” will take place at
> Synchronicity Space on April 3rd from 7pm to 11pm. Synchronicity is
> located at 4306 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90029. Any questions
> please call 323-264-8960 or email

Vernon Chatman and John Lee of Xavier: Renegade Angel

June 9, L.A.: PFFR in person at Cinefamily

From Cinefamily

6/9 @ 8:00pm
PFFR Night
“Wonder Showzen” and “Xavier: Renegade Angel” are simply two of the funniest and most psychedelic shows to have ever aired on American television. Their creators are the team known as PFFR, and the Cinefamily is havin’ them on down to present a night of their high-voltage, slap-happy stuff, including the theatrical premiere of their psychosexual porn prank film, Final Flesh!. From the desk of PFFR: “Multi-hyper shine collective, and thrice acclaimed electro funk outfit PFFR (Vernon Chatman, John Lee, Alyson Levy, and Jim Tozzi) are the award-caressing creators of such comedical zaz as MTV’s Wonder Showzen, [adult swim]’s Xavier: Renegade Angel, Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Fizzle Televizzle and production entitty behind Jon Glaser’s Delocated and Ben Jones’s (Paperrad) Neon Knome, among other laughular atrocities. On this night of wonderment, the belly of their colossus will be sliced open, allowing the hilariously writhing guts of their yucks to sluice out and stick your visual ribs. Good luck.”