From Blaise Larmee:

Hall Hassi made a minicomic version of Kramer’s Ergot 7, which she calls her ‘ke7 zine.’ The new size is only 5.5 x 8.5 inches.


It’s 96 xeroxed pages, really pushing the limit of the saddlestich binding but still holding together, and exactly like the original with some minor (I assume) accidents in printing. The only addition is the new ‘zine friendly’ title, ke7. Some pages transitioned better than others, here are some snaps.

The Small Science Collective

SSC Zine Library

The Small Science Collective makes free, totally awesome zines about earwigs, protein structure, intestinal bacteria and facial gestures. Their motivation for this DIY public science publishing project? “Overall scientific literacy in the U.S lags at the very same time that the privatizing and patenting of scientific knowledge becomes more and more common.”

Some of the zines are charmingly straight and to the point like science fair projects, others are collaborations between astrophysicists and graphic designers looking into the “gossip and hearsay about the universal nature of spiral forms.

spirals within spirals

All the SSC zines are available as downloadable PDFs, and are distributed for free in “subways, benches, coffee shops, and any place someone might least expect them. Perhaps catching the attention of strangers who might what to learn something new about ants, spirals, food, or genetics?” Or those who want to know how to best play host to the parasitic bot fly.

So Easy!

Check out the full zine library here. Print one out, follow the folding instructions and pass it along. They’re looking for new contributors too. Sweet. Read their manifesto after the jump. (via Bug Girl’s Blog.)

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