A tribute to Brother Theodore!

Doug of Pinataland is presenting a tribute to Brother Theodore.
Here’s the info-

WHAT: Tribute to Brother Theodore

WHEN: November 11, 2005, 7pm

WHERE: Barbes, Park Slope Brooklyn 376 9th Street, corner of 9th and 6th Avenue, near the 7th Avenue F stop
718 965 9177


Who was Brother Theodore? Caustic curmudgeon, outrageous
metaphysician, philosopher of gloom, and certainly one of the
funniest and most influential monologuists of the 20th century.

On November 11th at 7pm the life and work of this truly unique
performer will be celebrated with screenings of rare clips
(including his legendary apperances on the Dick Cavett and David
Letterman shows), an excerpt from an upcoming documentary, and
guest speakers offering their thoughts on this maddening and
beloved “genius of the sinister”.

During his life Theodore Gottlieb garnered the admiration and
friendships of such people as Billy Crystal, Norman Mailer, Eric
Bogosian, and Woody Allen. His television appearances have spanned
from Merv Griffin to numerous appearances on Cavett and Letterman,
and his diverse movie experiences joined him with Alfred Hitchcock,
Orson Welles, and Tom Hanks. His one-man Off-Broadway show ran for
17 years.

Born in 1906 in Vienna Austria, Theodore was indulged by his
wealthy business-owning family, and spent his youth as “a no-good
playboy and chess hustler in the great Expressionistic days of
Berlin”. Theodore’s ideal lifestyle came crashing down with the
rest of Europe as the Nazis came to power. The fortune disappeared
overnight and Theodore and his entire family were placed in
concentration camps; he would be the only survivor.

Albert Einstein, a close friend of Theodore’s mother, was
instrumental in Theodore’s release to the United States in 1942.
Penniless and without practical skills, Theodore was eventually
drawn into the theatrical world where he unleashed his
extraordinary brand of absurdist philosophy and diabolical fantasies.

Please join us for an evening of appreciation for this all-but-
forgotten actor, performer, and virtuoso of hilarious gloom.


0 thoughts on “A tribute to Brother Theodore!

  1. I am a fan of Brother Theodore and his humor. I am very curious as to how he passed away. I am unable to find any article or information on any website as to cause of death. If some one could please post and let me know if they know how I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    Mrs. Juanita Sparkes
    Auburn, WA, USA

  2. Mrs. Sparkes,

    Theodore must have been 85 years old when he dropped dead Since he always wished to die young, we can only be grateful that he got his wish, whatever the cause.


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