"PINK TOMBS" by Pete Toms

We’re pleased to share a new comic Pete Toms created specifically for the website.  Pete sent me some notes for a script he was working on:

Just wanted to let you know I’m working out the script for the Arthur blog.  It’s essentially going to be about the relationship between two people that get fed up with popular furry culture and realize they like to dress up like Spiegelman’s maus characters and have sex with each other.  But that’s just on the surface.  Obviously it’s really about the death of corporate culture.

Not really.  Though after typing that it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Pete, I wanna read that comic!  Fortunately the idea he went with is just as cool and the execution is gorgeous.  PINK TOMBS OF YOUTH is about a cartoonist with memory problems that’s having trouble distinguishing between his comics and reality.  Here’s the first 6 pages:







9 thoughts on “"PINK TOMBS" by Pete Toms

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