Todd Pendu Says Yes!: An interview with the man behind Pendu Org and NY Eye and Ear

Perhaps we needed a publication like Showpaper to gather all of the evidence on one page, but we can sense it just by keeping our ears peeled when wandering around the industrial waterfront of North Brooklyn at night: more and more young people in New York are taking the city’s musical culture into their own hands, booking the artists they want to see in buildings that condo developers never cared about anyway and eschewing the institutionalized age discrimination that keeps people who can’t drink away from live music. And the increased police crackdown on semi-legal concert venues (founded, apparently, on completely wrongheaded suspicions of weapon and drug possession, in addition to under-age drinking) doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone. New all-ages performances spaces still seem to be cropping up every month, sometimes attracting critical masses in the hundreds, and upstart show promoters looking to realize their unique artistic visions are practically ubiquitous. We might even call it a new chapter in the city’s cultural history if some of the people who built it with their own hands were willing and able to articulate it as such–and to explain how it might cohere as a generational worldview. With Brooklyn curator Todd Pendu, founder of the first large-scale festival devoted exclusively to grassroots cultural production in New York, we may very well have our man.

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Tonight at Cinefamily in L.A.: Midnight screening of Muppet History 101 & Muppet Music Moments

Due to the high demand for tickets for our sold-out Muppet History 101 + Muppet Music Moments double feature at 8pm tonight, we’ve added a second show — of Muppet History 101 only — tonight at midnight!

Tickets will be available at the box office from 7:30pm onwards, on our website starting now…

Tickets – $12


Friday, July 31st at MIDNIGHT
The Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre
611 N. Fairfax Avenue / Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Saturday, August 1st – ANIMATED ANIMA – Art show opening in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

an⋅i⋅ma /ˈænəmə/ –noun
1. soul; life.
2. (in the psychology of C. G. Jung)
a. the inner personality that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual (contrasted with persona).
b. the feminine principle, esp. as present in men (contrasted with animus).

ANIMATED ANIMA is an exhibition of artwork by Cadence Pearson and Lucinda Trask, two artists who explore the undefined area between your physical body and the anima. The opening reception will feature a performance installation by Genevieve Belleveau of the Queen Frostine Ice Cream Girls and live music by the soulful experimental folk duo Bow Ribbons.

Opening August 1st, 8PM – Music at 10PM
184 West St. #2 / Brooklyn, NY 11222
Free admission

On view through August 7th, 4-9PM and by appointment.

Friday afternoon cool-off music: Brightblack Morning Light


Two cuts from last year’s Motion to Rejoin:


Download: “Oppressions Each” – Brightblack Morning Light (mp3)


Download: “Hologram Buffalo” – Brightblack Morning Light

Motion to Rejoin is available in all formats from Matador Records of New York City. Arthur recommends vinyl.

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint — Primo Levi

Italian-born chemist, Auschwitz survivor, writer… suicide?

*Always Live Better Than Yester Day.

1777 — Marquis de Lafayette commissioned major general in Continental Army.
781 — Earliest recorded eruption of Mt. Fuji, Japan.
1703 — Writer Daniel Defoe, pilloried for seditious libel, is pelted with flowers.
1919 — Auschwitz survivor, chemist, writer Primo Levi born, Turin, Italy.
1944 — Antoine de Saint-Exupery disappears on flight over southern France.
1957 — Non-commercial radio pioneer Lewis Hill dies, Duncans Mills, California.
2006 — Cuban jefe Fidel Castro cedes state power to brother Raul.

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective


From Erik:

“How does visionary art help us create community? Art and performance can not only inspire and delight — they can transform your level and quality of engagement with the world and with others. Infused by the thrum of primal myths and rituals, a few powerful creators are opening our eyes to the possible, reforging community in a society driven into pockets of isolation. These calls, where participants are encouraged to direct practical questions at guests, will explore visions as well as concrete steps people can take today – on the personal, local and planetary levels.

“Take part in a week of remarkable encounters [starting today, July 30], hosted by the acclaimed author and culture critic, Erik Davis. Featured guests include visionary painter Alex Grey, author and ritualist Antero Alli, neo-tribal festival producers Debra Gusti (Harmony Festival) and Jen Zariat (Symbiosis), and the legendary Larry Harvey, founder of annual Burning Man festival.

“To learn more, just go to