Arthur Radio Transmission #24 w/ UP DIED SOUND

“Heat lightning,” those soundless, electrified lines that sometimes fill the sky on hot summer nights, are actually an indication of a faraway storm which may or may not be moving your way. While the accompanying sound of thunder is too distant to hear, the unholy light show remains visible from rooftops for many miles, providing a dazzling and magnificent omen of the oncoming deluge.

This week on Arthur Radio, Brooklyn’s Up Died Sound creates the sonic inverse of this experience; eyes closed, we listen as warm cascades of sound fall around us, giving the impression that the storm is now here, and this time the lightning can be heard, but not seen…

STREAM: [audio:

DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #24 w/ Up Died Sound 7-13-2010

If you’re currently in the NYC area, you can see Up Died Sound perform live this Thursday 7/29 at Zebulon w/ Mother of Fire & Bow Ribbons. Watch out for their upcoming self-released LP, available August 2010.

songs spun this episode

paul labrecque & valerie webb – ‘moon reflections on 3 deep pools’
zonk – ‘head’ (from subliminal sounds comp. ‘tripping in the basement‘)
los llamarada – ‘another big come down’
zomes – ‘crowning orbs’
vivian goldman – private armies
herbie hancock – earth beat
implog – holland tunnel dive
ucok aka harahap – minta kawen
lee dorsey – everything i do gonh be funky (from now on)
sweet smoke – ‘silly sally’
tshe-tsha boys – ‘nwampfundla
sejayno – ‘spirit of the mulberry’
los dug dugs – ‘world of love’
doronco gumo – ‘iede syoujyo”
eric gale – negril sea sunset

☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ UP DIED SOUND @ 52:25 mins ☽☽☽☽☽☽

himangshu biswas – ‘raga siva ranjani’
the glass orchestra – s/t LP (side a)
international hello – ‘arise superslide
dirty filthy mud – ‘the forest of black’
les rallizes denudes – ‘night of the assassins

3 thoughts on “Arthur Radio Transmission #24 w/ UP DIED SOUND

  1. Excellent as always! Enjoyed Up Died Sound very much and from Up Died set through the Les rallizes ending was a great blend of sounds!!


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