Arthur Radio Transmission #24 w/ UP DIED SOUND

“Heat lightning,” those soundless, electrified lines that sometimes fill the sky on hot summer nights, are actually an indication of a faraway storm which may or may not be moving your way. While the accompanying sound of thunder is too distant to hear, the unholy light show remains visible from rooftops for many miles, providing a dazzling and magnificent omen of the oncoming deluge.

This week on Arthur Radio, Brooklyn’s Up Died Sound creates the sonic inverse of this experience; eyes closed, we listen as warm cascades of sound fall around us, giving the impression that the storm is now here, and this time the lightning can be heard, but not seen…

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DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #24 w/ Up Died Sound 7-13-2010

If you’re currently in the NYC area, you can see Up Died Sound perform live this Thursday 7/29 at Zebulon w/ Mother of Fire & Bow Ribbons. Watch out for their upcoming self-released LP, available August 2010.

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Thursday night – Skeletons at ZEBULON in Brooklyn, NY

Skeletons “Ripper aka The Pillows” Live from Skeletons, Inc. on Vimeo.

Skeletons play music that doesn’t fit into its own skin – it is tapping into something out of this time, place, solar system, galaxy. Tomorrow is their last performance before a European tour, with a live light show by Ivy Meadows.

Thursday, October 15th, 9PM
258 Wythe Ave. / Brooklyn, NY 11211
Free as always.

DAILY MAGPIE – February 12th at ZEBULON

Have you heard Skeletons‘ new album Money yet? If not, pick up the gatefold LP version and open it for a little surprise courtesy of apocalyptic soothsayer/painter Justin Craun. Then listen to it and allow your mind to spread and wander…over to Zebulon on February 12th… to see it in the flesh, like this, alongside their comrades in arms Zs.

Date & Time: Thursday, February 12th – 9PM
Location: 258 Wythe Avenue between N. 3rd and Metropolitan / Brooklyn, NY 11211
Price: Free

DAILY MAGPIE – Jan. 25 – Zebulon


What? ESP-disk is back in busy-ness, whoda thunkit, right? right.  Enjoy a night of Bernard Stollman’s legendary precedent definings with intergenerational ahead-of-their-timers TOTEM>, Alan Sondheim, Okkyung Lee and Nate Wooley. Additional music by DJ Whistle Punk and your free cd. 21+

Date and Time: Sunday, Jan. 25th, 8PM
Venue: Zebulon
Address: 258 Wythe, Brooklyn
Directions: L to Bedford, J/M/Z to Marcy
Price: Free

The ESP-disk webbed home:





Ami Dang melds classical Sitar with haunting vocals and an array of electronic vibrations to produce an unearthly sound that is truly her own. Unicornicopia complements the night with bizarre orchestral arrangements, synthesized plips and plops, and bubble-gum lyrics that bite you before you realize what’s coming. Ilya Monosov tops it off with wintry strings and synths, and maybe even a hurdy-gurdy if we’re lucky…

Date & Time: January 18th, 2009 – 10PM


Address: 258 Wythe Avenue / Brooklyn, NY 11211


L to Bedford

JMZ to Marcy

G to Metropolitan

Price: F-R-E-E!