"Untranslated" by Rosaire Appel

Rosaire makes lovely experimental comics written in abstract languages for the brain to decipher.

“untranslated” is an abstract comic with asemic writing.

It’s true I’m more interested in possibilities than conclusions. Is this a fault? Refining a possibility to the brink of resolution, keeping it in a state of suspension… The infinite combinations of writing and images make for a continual renewal of language.


5 thoughts on “"Untranslated" by Rosaire Appel

  1. So let’s see… the biographer fantasizes for the asemicist:

    On TG morning somebody was sitting smoking his cigar in front of the TV yukking it up watching cartoons, completely absorbed, let’s say hypnotised, when…OMG wifey-poo cooking TG dinner in the cuisine discovers spinning disasters on the stovetop, and can foresee devastating repercussions for the extended family about to arrive with starving screaming babies. TG dinner spiraling into the stratosphere!
    So she yaks panicked at Mr TVman who tut-tuts reassuringly, twirling said cigar and, presto-gizmo, he turns into a yak.
    Around then the family arrives, with babies in back-paks and snugglies. Yak-back greets them happily, but wifey-poo lost her head long ago. TG dinner smoking, fades quietly into the distance.


  2. Dear Rosaire,

    Witty and somewhat terrifying in it’s graphic energy. I thorughly enjoyed looking – and playing at decoding it in a couple of different ways


  3. I found myself playing with turkey images since this was posted just a few days before Thanksgiving, and the asemic writing allowed the images to remain unfolding. Thanks.

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