A Poem by Michael Roberts

pikthur me rolliN

by Michael Roberts

Pegasus the common plough horse
Knows not what it means to be human

No entiendo
Mi amour es muy grande …
To be acqui?

      at that huge white bird above
       the movie screen

        That’s the glory of the universe
         Not Subhuman Captain Crank 
          and his digital didjeridoo 

           Look at these dark cartoons I found
           When I was … in Happy Valley
             possessed by good & evil

A Poem by Steve Potter

spotter in Paris
a recent dream
by Steve Potter
Photo by Todd Catropa

a black dog licks and nuzzles my crotch
as two ghostly girls chant and pray

over the transparent fetus of a deer
in a matted down patch of grass.

I warm my hands over a campfire,
my erection tenting stained shorts.

nearby a documentary is being filmed
at an abandoned farmhouse.

I walk through tall grass
with the pale eyed ghost girls.

dead yellow stalks spear
up between our toes.

we watch the filming
as the farmhouse burns.

Steve Potter’s poems and stories have appeared in print and online journals such as; Blazevox, Blue Collar Review, Coe Review, Drunken Boat, Freefall, Marginalia, Pindeldyboz, Stringtown, Haggard and Halloo and 3rd Bed. He edited and published the eclectic but short-lived Wandering Hermit Review. Potter currently lives in Seattle, but his feet are getting itchy again, so he may be living somewhere else in the not-too-distant future.

A Poem by Ivan Jenson

Cougar alert
by Ivan Jenson

you wear your heart
on your sleeve
which makes for
a very sincere
and bloody mess
you also have
all but spelled out
the grammatically
incorrect plans
you have for me
and your frankly
forward propositions would
have to be bleeped
out on prime-time TV
and I retreat
from your advances
because you scared
the smile right off my face
when you hiked your skirt
licked your lips
and winked
when I was only
asking for change
for a dollar
so that I could
feed the starving meter
where I parked

Ivan Jenson’s Absolut Jenson painting was featured in Art News, Art in America, and Interview magazine. His art has sold at Christie’s, New York. His poems have appeared in Word Riot, Zygote in my Coffee, Camroc Press Review, Haggard and Halloo, Poetry Super Highway, Mad Swirl, Underground Voices Magazine, Blazevox, and many other magazines, online and in print. Jenson is also a Contributing Editor for Commonline magazine. Ivan Jenson’s debut novel Dead Artist is available as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle and Nook. His new novel, a psychological thriller entitled Seeing Soriah is now available as an eBook or in Paperback on Amazon. A collection of Ivan Jenson’s drawings and poetry will soon be published by Hen House Press, New York.

A Poem by Michael Snyder

Peri Banou’s One Thousand and One Neuschwanstein Apts.
or Making Love in a Rowboat on a Bavarian Lake;
Collage Poem #4267

by Michael Snyder

Arthur recruited Lancelot cause he rhymed with Camelot.
The novelty broke bread with 47 Ronin double-negative
ghostriders sussing penance from paradise in this uniphonic
ejaculation of imagination to farthest nether region’s juicy galas.
“Wanna be buried in space? Now’s your chance!” blasts the stereo.
..We caught mono from the monotone learning lifespeak
in translations of Murakami books and bitching
about brightness to the sun.
Vinyl Siding with romanticism is romanticide..
–the live dog nuzzles the dead one.
A steel girder girdle girl riled my flamage.
friend heroine muse lover
If God can be a woman, so can the Devil.
Looking for the massage château in Hieronymous Bosch’s
‘Garden of Earthly Delights’, we run smack dab
thru a taqueria hellscape cornfeeding observatory starlets.
*Before we get too far into the poem, it might benefit the reader
to google ‘tangential’, ‘heuristic’, and ‘random absolute’.

Armoured daffodils breathe easy like revival smiles
and 18 wheelers with “I brake for bunnies” bumper stickers.
He was born on a Boeing 747–talk about your plane of existence.
I’ve had my blinker on for a 200 mile stretch in this nighttime desert;
Norwegian Valhallogens beam light year’s jeers onto this 20 dollar
ritual suicide knife path of fondant twerk coffee haus creamer.
–Shoulda known dressing as a No-Dachi Warlord in a Jap steakhouse
would bring down the wrath of Hello Kitty and Chococat!
(btw, Poets are mostly good for in-breeding and in-fighting).
i slave away to ’36 Views of a Dual Domed Nuclear Reactor’
caught on Fuji film thinking ‘what can make us sink?’
and ‘what will tow us from the brink?’..
Sometimes, though, it’s as if i’ve left myself in the lobby.
Meanwhile Mad King Ludwig trips over the snare drum of his
own beatnik. But beyond the washed up shore, mermaids serenade
on mother of pearl strats sending sunrise frisson into the crook
of our universal niche.

*Don’t worry hipsters, 2 thou of these 2 thou and 1 hits are mine…

Michael Snyder is a truck driver, poet warrior, cat lover, and cheesecake eater. He is a regular contributor to the daily poetry site Haggard and Halloo Publications.