Nov. 14, NY: Arthur presents TULI KUPFERBERG MEMORIAL SCREENING at Anthology


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A tribute to the 60s icon, Fugs co-founder, cartoonist, and New York underground beat poet laureate, who passed away in July. Two shows of shorts, clips, and U.S. premiere of the new high-def transfer of the long-unscreened underground film VOULEZ-VOUS COUCHER AVEC GOD?

Sixties icon, Fugs co-founder, cartoonist, and New York underground beat poet laureate Tuli Kupferberg passed away in July 2010 at age 86, leaving a rich legacy of a lifetime’s worth of artistic radicalism and fun, including many rarely-seen film and video appearances. This special memorial screening presents a diverse collection of short films and videos from the 1960s onward, including Tuli’s appearances on the public access programs REVOLTING NEWS and IF I CAN’T DANCE YOU CAN KEEP YOUR REVOLUTION, some of Tuli’s more recent web clips, and other odds and ends. Not to mention the first screening in many a moon of the long-lost counter-culture feature VOULEZ-VOUS COUCHER AVEC GOD?, starring Tuli in the title role!

To be screened:


Shorts, clips, and odds & ends, including Edward English’s short film:
(1960s, 12.5 minutes, 16mm)
“(Sights and sounds of the lower East Side rain forest.) This film captures a bit of the Fugs’ environment, which includes the lower East Side, the Waldorf Astoria, the MacDougal Street scene, police harassment, show biz, humanity, their audiences, and the filmmaker.” –E.E.
–Sunday, November 14 at 6:00.

Tuli with hat, taken from the film. Tuli plays God. Image courtesy Jack Christie and Michael Hirsh


Michael Hirsh & Jack Christie
(1972, 69 minutes, 16mm-to-video.)
(U.S Premiere of new high-definition transfer from original 16mm elements.)
Voulez-vous coucher avec God? Judge for yourself at the New York premiere of this vintage, Canadian-made experimental flick featuring a groundbreaking potpourri of live action and animation, backed by a rollicking soundtrack of 1960s hits. As portrayed by Kupferberg, there’s no messing with this Yahweh who’d just as soon enjoy a blow job from an inflatable schmoo as mastermind a presidential election from the cozy confines of his bathtub in Hashish Seventh Heaven, where a cast of pipe-dreaming souls journeys to be reborn. All hell breaks loose when the angel of the Lord attempts to cover up his failure to avert the sacrifice of young Isaac by his father, Abraham (also played by Kupferberg).
–Sunday, November 14 at 8:30.

Directions: Anthology is at 32 Second Ave. at 2nd St. Subway: F to 2nd Ave; 6 to Bleecker. Tickets: $9 general; $8 Essential Cinema (free for members); $7 for students, seniors, & children (12 & under); $6 AFA members.


Sunday, Sept 5: Arthur presents LOWER DENS (feat. JANA HUNTER) special DUSKTIME show at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown, CA (near Joshua Tree) – FREE, ALL AGES

Download: “Tea Lights” – Lower Dens (mp3)

Stream: [audio:

Beautiful song off the new Lower Dens album, available via Gnomonsong. Details on the band’s current tour, plus a great photo blog, are at Lower Dens on tumblr.

Lower Dens features the vocals of Jana Hunter, who was one of 20 artists on Arthur’s 2004 compilation Golden Apples of the Sun, curated by Devendra Banhart (available for $10 from the Arthur Store).

Jana also played the Arthurdesh benefit in Brooklyn in early 2009, for which we are forever grateful.

We are psyched to welcome her and her new band to Pappy & Harriet’s Palace in Pioneertown, California for a special FREE, ALL-AGES, special DUSKTIME (6pm) show on Sunday, September 5.

More info on Pappy & Harriet’s here:

Other July 24 shows in S. Ca: Wild Records fest in Echo Park, Sylvia Juncosa/Crawlspace at Grady's in Ventura

If you find yourself in Southern California this Saturday and aren’t checking out the Arthur-presented, free, all-ages evening of psychish rock at Pappy & Harriet’s Palace in Pioneertown (info here), may we recommend your attendance at these two shows…

“L.A. RECORD has been a fan and supporter of DIY rock ‘n’ roll label Wild Records ever since thee mighty Norton Records (home of the Sonics, the Dictators, thee Midniters, etc.) re-released Luis and the Wildfires’ rock ‘n’ roll destroyer BRAIN JAIL. L.A. RECORD editor Chris Ziegler profiled Wild in the L.A. TIMES magazine last month in a story explaining how Wild bands are giants in Europe but relatively little known in their own hometown. Now for the first time ever in L.A., Wild will be presenting virtually its ENTIRE line-up at one $15 show! Fans of real-deal Sun Records rock ‘n’ roll, garage and even jump-blues will not be disappointed!” More info and advance tickets: Ticketweb

WHEN: Saturday, July 24, 8-10pm
WHERE: Grady’s Record Refuge, 2546 E. Main St.., Ventura, 805-648-5565
WHAT: Sylvia Juncosa, Crawlspace, and DJ OS D’vil

“LA’s legendary shred-mistress meets LA’s sedentary rubble-rousers in what is sure to be a very rockin’ evening! DJ OS D’vil between sets. Don’t miss! Sylvia plays @8pm, Crawlspace plays @9pm”