BACK IN STOCK FOR A LIMITED TIME: "Two Million Tongues" anthology cd curated by Plastic Crimewave (2006)

ANOTHER WAREHOUSE FIND: We’ve got 55 copies left of this sweetie and then it’s gone forever.

This beautifully sequenced, far-ranging album commemorates the second annual Plastic Crimewave-curated, Galactic Zoo Dossier/Arthur-presented “Million Tongues” festival that went down at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, November 3-6, 2005.

Track listing:

1. MOUNTAINS – “Speaking”
3. MIMINOKOTO – “Tokedasu”
4. TIM KINSELLA & AMY CARGILL – “Song for Josh”
5. MICHAEL CHAPMAN – “The Northern Lights”
6. JOSEPHINE FOSTER – “Wondrous Love”
7. CHRIS CONNELLY – “Pray’r”
8. PEARLS AND BRASS – “Waterfall”
9. TRAVELING BELL – “Apparitions”
10. THE SINGLEMAN AFFAIR – “Good to Be With You Again”
11. JACK ROSE – “Hey Fuck You Rag”
12. TAR PET – “Takeit Heri”
13. BIRDSHOW – “Pilz”
14. TONY CONRAD – “Bowstring 1”
15. HOTOTOGISU – “Blues for Steve K”
16. HAPTIC – “Indifference -> Building On Fire”
17. LUX – “Need Fade In + Out”
18. HARDSCRABBLE – “Sail It Away”

Track selection, art and lettering by Plastic Crimewave. Limited edition of 1,000 copies in jewelcase, released through Arthur’s “Bastet” imprint in 2005. 55 copies left and then they’re all gone!

$10 postpaid from The Arthur Store

A note about Arthur Magazine's future from the editor/publisher.

Hey gang–

I am done with self-publishing Arthur, which I’ve been doing since July, 2007. It’s too much work for one person to edit, publish and manage a national magazine, month after month, year after year.

I am talking with interested parties regarding their taking over the Publisher role for Arthur Magazine.

Please stay tuned. And, subscribers: your subscriptions will be fulfilled when we resume publication. Thanks for your patience.

All love and R.I.P. Ron Asheton,

Jay Babcock
editor/publisher, Arthur Magazine

Galactic Zoo Dossier No. 7 release party in Chicago

from Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave:

“this friday July 27th- is a BIG ONE, please do come out–!!! It’s the official release party for my baby, the Galactic Zoo Dossier #7– over a year and a half in the making, it’s a 100-page, 72 trading card, 2CD extravaganza of an underground psychedelic magazine, and we’ll have copies for sale at a discounted price. There’ll also be free beer, an effects-treated reading by yours truly at 8:30pm, and the extreme honor of GZD-music contributor and godlike noise-guitar proto-post-punk legend from MN, Michael Yonkers– playing both solo and with my outfit Plastic Crimewave Sound backing him, at 9pm. If you haven’t heard Yonkers’ Sub Pop-reissued “Microminiature Love” from 1968, you are missing a classic bit of throbbing underground guitar paranoia. Yonkers recent even noisier work and 70’s private pressed folk LP’s (about to be reissued as well) are also essential listening.
The whole event starts at 7:30pm with insane collector know-it-all DJs Chris Carnahan and Dante Carfagna spinning the rarest and hottest major label psych, unknown private presses and loner folk funk, throughout the night….but the event should be over by 11pm.
it all goes down thanks to drag city and stop smiling, who is hosting the event at their space in wicker park, at their fine storefront/space at 1371 north milwaukee ave.
since the event is free and will fill up fast, we’d like people to rsvp to