How did we miss THIS all-timer? Came out in April! This isn’t out of nowhere… Sly’s always been a Lord Buckley freak — but what a pleasure to hear…


Via georgeclinton.com

The single “The Naz” features Sly Stone on vocals telling the story of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as told by beat poet Lord Buckley in his famous poem “The Nazz”. Sly uses his trademark radio rap that he used to kick as a DJ on San Francisco’s radio station KSOL-AM. “He just laid it down and we built the entire song around it,” says Clinton.

The second song on this single is “Nuclear Dog”, an instrumental rock reworking of Clinton’s 1983 chart topping hit “Atomic Dog.” In classic Funkadelic tradition, “Nuclear Dog” features blazing solo after solo from long time P-Funk guitarist DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight. Jazz fans should know Blackbyrd from his start with the great Sonny Rollins and subsequent legendary work as a member of Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters before he joined P-Funk.

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FORGET WOODSTOCK, PART TWO: SLY & THE FAMILY STONE at HARLEM FESTIVAL 1969 – professionally filmed, yet never commercially released

Continuing on from our recent post on NINA SIMONE’s all-time-winner from-the-soul performance in Central Park, summer 1969 at the Harlem Festival, here’s some grainy/blurry nth gen footage of Sly and the Family Stone’s performance AT THE SAME FESTIVAL. Other performers included STEVIE WONDER, B.B. KING, THE STAPLES SINGERS, MAHALIA JACKSON, GLADYS KNIGHT and many more. This footage has never been commercially released. (More info on that here.) It is an outrage that this festival has been disappeared from history while Woodstock, which happened the same season, gets all the play and press and so on. See what we’re talking about…