The Music Military Industrial Complex, part 90000 (or Way to go, Samuel Bayer!)

If you are world-famous rock video director Samuel Bayer, what do you shoot after filming Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as well as every single video from Green Day’s “American Idiot”? The obvious answer: shoot at those very same teens who buy those records and get a job with the US Army to direct their “Army Strong” recruitment propaganda. Watch the commercial on Sam’s website:

Way to go Samuel, doing it for the kids never meant so much!!

For counter-recruitment ideas check out this pdf.


From the Army:
“Renowned composer Mark Isham is the artist behind the stirring original musical score for the Army Strong campaign…. Isham, a top Hollywood film composer, has more than 70 film and TV credits, including memorable scores for such notable films as Eight Below, Running Scared, Crash, The Cooler, A River Runs Through It, Blade, Nell, Men of Honor and Miracle. He won an Emmy in 1996 for the theme he produced for the television show EZ Streets.”

From Mark Isham‘s site:
“He has collaborated with some of the top artists in the music business, and his classic trumpet voice has graced the albums of such diverse artists as Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Ziggy Marley, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Chris Isaak, and Van Morrison.”