Grant Morrison's SEAGUY returns April 1


Promo copy from the publisher:

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Cameron Stewart

In Seaguy’s cartoon future world, everyone is a Super Hero and no one dies. It’s absolutely perfect…Or is it?

In this follow-up to the cult 2004 miniseries, Seaguy resurfaces with a sinister new partner, a hatred of the sea and a rebel restlessness he can’t explain. Why are Doc Hero and his ex-archenemy Silvan Niltoid, the Alien from Planet Earth, whispering strange equations? Why is Death so useless? And can that really be the ghost of Chubby Da Choona mumbling uncanny warnings and dire prophecies of ultimate catastrophe?

When the grotesque powers lurking behind the corporation known as Mickey Eye and the Happy Group attempt to erase Seaguy’s entire existence, can he possibly get it together in time to save a world so far gone it can’t even imagine the horror lying in wait? Find out here in Morrison’s own personal reframing of the Super Hero concept for the 21st century.
On sale April 1 • 1 of 3 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Grant Morrison discussed SEAGUY (and the proverbial ‘whole lot more’) in an epic, cover feature interview with Jay Babcock in Arthur No. 12…which featured a cover by SEAGUY illustrator/co-creator Cameron Stewart, that is now the frontpage for Grant’s own website.

Copies of Arthur No. 12 are available via mail order from the Arthur store.

A note about Arthur Magazine's future from the editor/publisher.

Hey gang–

I am done with self-publishing Arthur, which I’ve been doing since July, 2007. It’s too much work for one person to edit, publish and manage a national magazine, month after month, year after year.

I am talking with interested parties regarding their taking over the Publisher role for Arthur Magazine.

Please stay tuned. And, subscribers: your subscriptions will be fulfilled when we resume publication. Thanks for your patience.

All love and R.I.P. Ron Asheton,

Jay Babcock
editor/publisher, Arthur Magazine

Register to Vote Now … Or Face Horrible Moose-Bone Juju Forever

Tonight, the most spectacularly unprepared vice presidential candidate ever to foul a ballot — and yes, we’re including Dan Quayle — will get her comeuppance on national teevee. Barring some brutal and unforeseen brain hiccup on the part of Joe Biden (AKA “the candidate not running alongside an Evil Albino Scum-Hobbit”),  tonight’s debate will once and for all unmask Sarah Palin as a corrupt and witless hairdo — even for that great and quivering mass of Americans who understand little beyond sugary soft drinks, Rush Limbaugh’s Oxycodone-scented bellowing, and processed cheese.

Naturally, the Arthur D.C. Bureau is feeling a wee bit festive this evening, and so we’ll likely be having a cocktail or two with friends in front of a big-screen somewhere.

What will we be drinking?

White Russians. Sitting across the room from us. Close enough to see, but not close enough to know what they actually taste like.*

Whoops … Sorry for that. What we meant to say is this: Do yrself and the planet a big fat favor and register to vote. Find the board of elections wherever you live, whether city or backwater, and hustle on down there with yr ID, maybe even two. The cutoff date is drawing perilously near; the deadline for many states for the Nov. 4 election is Monday.

Look, the system’s broken blah blah blah. We know. But remember: Not voting this time around is just like handing that rotten old coot a copy of the Bill of Rights and pointing him toward the toilet. It’s different this time, for many more reasons than we have time to go into here.

Some of you aren’t swayed by appeals to yr civic duty, or even to reason, but we understand that, frequently having acted unreasonably ourselves. So we’ll ply you with alcohol: Any Magpie readers who provide proof of voter registration, in person, to the Arthur D.C. Bureau, between the time of this posting and Election Day are entitled to one (1) free drink.**  We’re not really sure whether this runs afoul of any election laws, but we haven’t talked to any lawyers today and we’d like to keep it that way.

All the best,

*  We will also be eating Freddie Mac-n’-Cheese, Baked Alaska and all sorts of Vietnamese food.

** Offer expires yesterday. Unless you actually are able to hunt the Bureau Chief down, in which case you deserve a drink.