Thursday morning White Rainbow kaleidoscope footage

White Rainbow Live @ Henry Miller Library from (((folkYEAH!))) on Vimeo.

Adam Forkner just posted this trippy footage from the “last ever White Rainbow show played from within a zome dome glow tent thing” up in Big Sur in October 2007. Get more White Rainbow stuff by dropping in every now and again at the White Rainbow “life log.”

New from EcoShack: WeCommune


We get email. This one’s from our friend Stephanie at EcoShack…

Ever read the classic 1975 utopian novel Ecotopia? People in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest break from the US to form their own country. We love the book because in Ecotopia, everybody lives in a commune!

With Ecotopia as inspiration we’re visiting as many ‘communal hotspots’ as possible in an 8-day period: Ojai, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Bolinas, Sonoma County and beyond… from Aug 12 – 20, or so.

Know of any must-sees? Should we visit you? Post your ideas (and invites) to the ‘Wanna Start a Commune?’ Facebook wall at

These are the stomping grounds of counterculture’s forward-thinkers: The Merry Pranksters, The Diggers, Ant Farm, and the “hippies who built the internet.” (Don’t believe it? Read ‘From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism‘).

We’re gonna honor what’s old, experience what’s new, and spread the word about what we’re up to with WeCommune. We’ll Tweet from the road. Follow us at:

Check out the WeCommune site at (be sure to click on ‘visit our commune’ to get a feel for how the system works).

Happy communing!

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint — IMRE NAGY

June 7 — IMRE NAGY
Hungarian Communist leader, hung for support of Uprising.

*Southwold, England: Mayor’s Day. Dignitaries mountmerry-go-round horses, party.
* Festival of All Possible Worlds.

1843 — Mad German poet Friedrich Hölderlin dies, Tübingen, Germany.
1848 — French drop-out painter Paul Gauguin born, Paris, France.
1852 — American utopianist Hosea Ballou dies, Boston, Massachusetts.
1896 — Hungarian Communist leader, Uprising martyr Imre Nagy born, Kaposvar.
1980 — Free-living sex novelist Henry Miller dies, Big Sur, California.
1981 — Israel bombs suspected Iraqi nuclear installation.
2006 — Anthrax alert shuts down British House of Commons, London.

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective

May 28: Dublab Presents All-Night Ambient Music Happening in Big Sur (CA)

Dublab has done it again! California’s favorite non-profit radio collective has been bringing choice, culturally responsible programming to the Los Angeleno airwaves for around ten years now, but its mission to foster “the growth of positive music, arts, and culture” takes place both on the air and off. Among the many live events on the Dublab calendar this Spring, the TONALISM mini-fest in Big Sur on May 28th is bound to knock your socks off– or at least lull you into a smiley, sound-drunk dream-state.

A description of TONALISM from the Dublab family:

Inspired by La Monte Young’s “Dream House” as well as the work of musicians and composers such as Terry Riley, Yoko Ono and John Cage, Tonalism combines harmonious textures with visual elements to create an atmosphere where the audience is encouraged to bring pillows, cushions and sleeping bags to lay down, listen and watch for an extended period of time. DJs, live musicians and VJs play and perform throughout the night; starting at sunset and ending at sunrise. Complimentary tea and water are provided to all who attend.


Live Performances by:
Windy and Carl (Kranky)
Pharaohs (members of Languis and Big Swell)
Matt Baldwin / Inner Beauty
White Rainbow (Kranky)
Nudge (Kranky)

DJ Sets by:
Obrian System (very special guest)
frosty (dublab)
Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, Postal Service, dublab)
Part TIme Punks DJ Michael Stock
Andy Cabic (Vetiver)
Katie Byron (dublab)
Nanny Cantaloupe (dublab)
Turquoise Wisdom (dublab, Small Town Talk)
matthewdavid (dublab, Leaving Tapes)

Visuals by:
Matt Amato (The Masses)


Performances Curated by Carlos Niño for dublab:
Mia Doi Todd
Carlos Niño & Jesse Peterson
The Nick Rosen/Brian Green Duo
The dublab Drone-Dreamers
DJ Cool Chris of Groove Merchant
Life On Earth! (of Dungen)
and Special Guests

Set Design by:
Katie Byron

Thursday, May 28, 4:20 pm – 5:00 am
Henry Miller Library
Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920
$20, all ages (does not including venue fees)
Complimentary tea will be served throughout the night.
Bring pillows, blankets, beanbags, sleeping bags, cushions, lay down and listen.
There will be a fire pit and heat lamps but make sure to bring warm clothes because it gets cold at night.

Buy tickets

La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s “Dream House”, Mela Foundation, Tribeca, NYC. Find out more about La Monte Young and the Mela Foundation here.