Tonight in NYC – Tony Martin's "Light Pendulum" with live performance by Michelle Nagai – Free!

free103point9 radio presents Tony Martin’s new site-specific installation “Light Pendulum” with live music by Michelle Nagai as part of their radio festival 2009, which features “radio installation, performance, theater, walks, and a transmitter building workshop, with live video web streams:”

Tony Martin is a founder of art works using light, and has created seminal new media works since the 1960’s. Light Pendulum is a new work that is controlled by site-specific environmental conditions including light, sound, and motion. Light Pendulum functions both as a stand-alone kinetic sculpture as well as a temporal instrument used in a performance-based setting. Light Pendulum is comprised of a six-inch diameter glass pendulum suspended with nylon line from the installation space ceiling. An LED pin-light is installed at the top of the line. The pendulum’s motion is caused by the earth’s rotation and conditions of air movement. A large parabolic mirrored dish is installed directly underneath the pendulum. Receptors and sensors are positioned at the center of the dish. These receptors function as photocells, photovoltaic cells, and other signal and current producing and regulating components.

Michelle Nagai utilizes sound, physicality and concept to create site-specific performances, installations, radio broadcasts, dances, walks and other interactions that address the human state in relationship to its setting. These works and activities explore the exchange of perception between performer and audience/viewer. Nagai recognizes transmission, reception and “limbo” as continuously shifting, highly interactive states of being. She engages these states in her working process in order to open up the field of perception and action beyond that which she is herself capable of comprehending, making or doing.

Soundscape by Michelle Nagai w/ Projections by Ursula Scherrer:

Saturday, October 24th – Wine & cheese at 8pm, performance beginning at 9pm
Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church
131 E. 10th St. / New York, NY 10013
Free admission!

Sept. 15 Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – HRANT DINK

Armenian-Turkish journalist, editor, columnist, martyr.

China: MOON’S BIRTHDAY. Offerings of fruit are left on rooftops and in open courtyards, with lanterns burning all night on houses, pagodas, ships and river boats. Children get special candies and moon cakes. Flowers and seeds fall from the moon.

1782 — Congress adopts a Masonic emblem as the Great Seal of the U.S.
1889 — Writer Claude McKay born, Sunny Ville, Jamaica.
1943 — Paul Robeson gives 296th performance of Othelloin New York City.
1954 — Armenian-Turkish journalist, martyr Hrant Dink born, Malatya, Turkey.
1959 — Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev denied right to visit Disneyland.
1963 — Bomb in Black church in Birmingham, Alabama kills four young girls.
1973 — Victor Jara killed in massacre after overthrow of Salvador Allende.

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – PAUL GOODMAN

Prolific anarchist critic, novelist, man of letters.


1828 — Christian anarchist writer Leo Tolstoy born, Yasnay Polyana, Russia.
1869 — Anarchist, Haymarket martyr Louis Lingg born, Mannheim, Germany.
1898 —French symbolist poet Stéphane Mallarmé dies, Valvins, France.
1911 — Anarchist, alternativist writer Paul Goodman born, New York, New York.
1971 — Prisoner revolt at Attica Prison, New York, guards held hostage.
1981 — Plowshare 8 hammer 12 nose cones at GE plant, King of Prussia, PA.

Openings, festivals, gigs

“two upcoming free-of-charge music + dance public programs down here at farmlab / under spring…

july 28 @ 7:30pm: nels cline + oguri + yuval ron + many others

august 4, all night long: dublab and friends, including mia doi todd, carlos nino, frosty, dntal from the postal service, and many others

“To celebrate our 4th anniversary we are pleased to announce that on August 11th and 12th we will be hosting a two-day outdoor festival. This will feature a whole host of bands including Gang Gang Dance, Psychic Ills, Artanker Convoy, Samara Lubelski, TK Webb and Electroputas. Many new signings to The Social Registry will be performing such as Growing, UK-based Sian Alice Group (playing their first ever US show), Mike Bones, Christy & Emily and Douglas Armour (in his East Coast debut). As a special surprise we also have a reunion show from Ghost Exits, their first live performance in about three years.

“The full line-up is as follows:

Saturday August 11th:
Psychic Ills
Artanker Convoy
Ghost Exits
TK Webb
Samara Lubelski
Mike Bones
Sian Alice Group (acoustic set)

Sunday August 12th:
Gang Gang Dance
Sian Alice Group
Douglas Armour
Christy & Emily

This will be a two event with tickets available for each individual day or both. There will be food and drink available. The details are as follows:

Venue: The Yard
Address: 400 Carroll Street btwn. Bond and Nevins
Directions: F or G train to Carroll Street / N or R train to Union Street
Price per day: $15
Price for both days: $25
Hours: 1pm-9.30pm

Advance tickets available through TicketWeb:

The Festival of Endless Gratitude

spirit of orr presents:
the festival of endless gratitude
in brattleboro vermont

evening sets at the tinderbox
afternoon sets at the weathervane music hall
both venues on elliot street

saturday july 28 & sunday july 29 2007
sets start at two pm.

——–saturday july 28 evening at the tinderbox
fat worm of error
spectre folk
byron coley
soil sing through me
mr. tyte
john levin (starts at 7 pm)

———saturday july 28 afternoon at the weathervane music hall
red favorite
meara o’reilly
chris carmody
hatched and hungry
christopher weisman
fieldwire (starts at 2 pm)

———–sunday july 29 evening at the tinderbox
mv & ee with the golden road
noho wools
burnt hills
jow jow the death knell rung
sunburned hand of the man (starts at 7 pm)

—————– sunday july 29 afternoon at the the weathervane music hall
asa irons
dredd foole
matt krefting
kyle tomzo
ruth garbus
kurt weisman (starts at 2 pm)