Tonight in NYC – Tony Martin's "Light Pendulum" with live performance by Michelle Nagai – Free!

free103point9 radio presents Tony Martin’s new site-specific installation “Light Pendulum” with live music by Michelle Nagai as part of their radio festival 2009, which features “radio installation, performance, theater, walks, and a transmitter building workshop, with live video web streams:”

Tony Martin is a founder of art works using light, and has created seminal new media works since the 1960’s. Light Pendulum is a new work that is controlled by site-specific environmental conditions including light, sound, and motion. Light Pendulum functions both as a stand-alone kinetic sculpture as well as a temporal instrument used in a performance-based setting. Light Pendulum is comprised of a six-inch diameter glass pendulum suspended with nylon line from the installation space ceiling. An LED pin-light is installed at the top of the line. The pendulum’s motion is caused by the earth’s rotation and conditions of air movement. A large parabolic mirrored dish is installed directly underneath the pendulum. Receptors and sensors are positioned at the center of the dish. These receptors function as photocells, photovoltaic cells, and other signal and current producing and regulating components.

Michelle Nagai utilizes sound, physicality and concept to create site-specific performances, installations, radio broadcasts, dances, walks and other interactions that address the human state in relationship to its setting. These works and activities explore the exchange of perception between performer and audience/viewer. Nagai recognizes transmission, reception and “limbo” as continuously shifting, highly interactive states of being. She engages these states in her working process in order to open up the field of perception and action beyond that which she is herself capable of comprehending, making or doing.

Soundscape by Michelle Nagai w/ Projections by Ursula Scherrer:

Saturday, October 24th – Wine & cheese at 8pm, performance beginning at 9pm
Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church
131 E. 10th St. / New York, NY 10013
Free admission!

Friday, September 4th at BRUAR FALLS in Brooklyn, NY

Does this fall breeze put you in the mood for some fuzz-laden psych boogie, or sweet guitar-driven crooning? If so, you’re not alone. Come join the others at Bruar Falls for some serious jams from Sadhu Sadhu, Pure Horsehair, and Smith Westerns with a live DJ set from members of Lights. Expect nothing less than outer-body sonic traveling.

Heavy Hands was originally billed for this show, but had to cancel due to sickness.

Download a free live album by Sadhu Sadhu.

Friday, September 4th – Doors at 8pm
Bruar Falls
245 Grand St. between Driggs & Roebling / Brooklyn, NY 11211
$6 (21+)





Lights have been holding down the airy ladies-on-the-moores-of-ancient-England vibe in a totally genuine-sounding way for a while now, and they seem to be honing it in to a more and more refined place as time goes by – come to see how they’ve grown after their travels to the U.K.

Date & Time: January 19th, 2009 – 9PM


Address: 289 Kent Avenue between S. 1st and S. 2nd / Brooklyn, NY 11211


L to Bedford

JMZ to Marcy

G to Metropolitan

Price: $TBA – Go to for details