Floating World Comics presents: Seripop New Mutantes

Seripop is a Montreal based, internationally focused art/design duo made up of Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau. In addition to doing gig posters and international gallery exhibitions, they are currently touring as the noise-rock band AIDS Wolf. Catch them on tour and pick up a copy at their merch table. Limited to only 1000 copies, this oversized 10″ x 15″ newsprint monograph collects 16 mutated and melty designs suitable for browsing or framing. Each image is composed of layers like a 4 color silkscreen, inviting viewers to indulge in optical exploration.

16 page bound 10″ x 15″ newsprint, limited to 1000 copies, only $5 on Floating World’s website.

"The Whale" by Aidan Koch

Blaise Larmee (Young Lions)  (http://www.arthurmag.com/2010/02/13/exclusive-preview-of-blaise-larmees-young-lions/) has started his own publishing imprint, Gaze Books (http://www.gazebooks.com/index.html).  Their first book is Aidan Koch’s debut graphic novel, THE WHALE.

The 64 page book is a gorgeous showcase of Aidan’s ethereal pencil illustrations and poetic storytelling.  The story follows a young woman who has just suffered the loss of a loved one.  There is no backstory or explanation.  Instead we simply follow the protagonist for a day as she walks her dog on the beach, makes tea at home, is surprised that all of her loved one’s belongings fit in a couple cardboard boxes.  The text is minimal, just her internal dialogue, but very resonant.

Most of the time we keep death at bay as an abstract mystery.  Butwhen death cannot be avoided it pierces each moment like a needle.Those painful hours become linked with normally small and mundane details, almost absurd, always irreversible.  I think the book is trying to capture this melancholy paradox; the complex idea that we live in a world of objects, sweaters and seashells, while simultaneously existing in the overwhelming emotional world of our memories.  In our hearts we identify with the grandeur of existence, and in our minds we know there is nothing.

Special thanks to Blaise and Aidan for sharing this 12 page preview.  Preorders are available on Gaze Books’ website (http://www.gazebooks.com/store.html) and Blaise has announced a release party in October, at his apartment.

"The Future" by Mike Getsiv

Mike Getsiv has completed three books of wordless comics (Eyeballs, Lightbeam and one more as yet untitled) plus the anthology he edited called Snow Stories. He was a major supporter and contributor to the Eisner-nominated anthology Abstract Comics published by Fantagraphics and now he’s working on a full-length autobiographical comic book called The Green Kid.

He also started a collaborative project called ABCOLAB on Abstract Comics: The Blog and received contributions from ten countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Finland, Portugal, Russia, the United States and Uruguay.

Twitter along with him at: http://twitter.com/MikeGetsiv


'You're a dog… and I'm drunk.' – New 'Paws' by Pete Toms

Pete Toms is back with a stunning, expanded ‘PAWS‘!

ARTHUR readers experienced a nine page preview toke of ‘PAWS’ in February, but who would have seen this one coming?

The comic is essentially a horror comic about a guy that only experiences the outside world through television trying to sell an autobiographical screenplay. It has all the same themes as my other comics, how people choose identity roles, the media’s effect on memory, how we mythologize our personalities, but this one has a lot more dogs and possibly werewolves, and jokes about how creepy sitcom laugh-tracks are.

I’m doing the same stuff as always, drawing at night, using my natural jazz dancing ability to put my kids through college during the day.

We found an interview Pete did with Ecstatic Days back in November where he talks about what’s abstract and what’s real. Enjoy and follow up if you please over at Pete’s website!

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Daniel Locke 'Spring 09'

Next in the Arthur Comics round-up!
Here is a strip Daniel drew last year called ‘Spring 09‘.

About Daniel Locke:

Daniel Locke is an artist based in London and Brighton UK. He works as an illustrator and teacher, and was a sketch artist on the UK version of the
reality TV show Dating in the Dark. He is currently Artist in Residence at the St Martins project in Islington, London. He used to make videos and
installations, but these days confines himself to comics. His work can be seen at www.daniellocke.com

About Arthur Comics
We are proud to bring you Arthur Comics curated by Floating World. Stop by our oasis, http://www.arthurmag.com/comics, for a leisurely bath in our new interactive format, an exclusive collaboration with GreenerMags / グリーナーマガジン.