Lala Albert lives in Brooklyn where she does art and comics at night and on the weekends. During the week she works as the textile designer/whatever-else-they-need-her-for at a small fashion company in Manhattan.


"Paws" by Pete Toms

Pete Toms is back with part 2 of PAWS, which he describes as a horror comic about watching TV.

The comic is essentially a horror comic about a guy that only experiences the outside world through television trying to sell an autobiographical screenplay. It has all the same themes as my other comics, how people choose identity roles, the media’s effect on memory, how we mythologize our personalities, but this one has a lot more dogs and possibly werewolves, and jokes about how creepy sitcom laugh-tracks are.

I’m doing the same stuff as always, drawing at night, using my natural jazz dancing ability to put my kids through college during the day.

Here’s a great interview Pete did with Escape from Suicide Wolf Forest where he shares the harrowing details of joining a street gang at age 8.

Floating World Comics presents: Seripop New Mutantes

Seripop is a Montreal based, internationally focused art/design duo made up of Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau. In addition to doing gig posters and international gallery exhibitions, they are currently touring as the noise-rock band AIDS Wolf. Catch them on tour and pick up a copy at their merch table. Limited to only 1000 copies, this oversized 10″ x 15″ newsprint monograph collects 16 mutated and melty designs suitable for browsing or framing. Each image is composed of layers like a 4 color silkscreen, inviting viewers to indulge in optical exploration.

16 page bound 10″ x 15″ newsprint, limited to 1000 copies, only $5 on Floating World’s website.

"The Future" by Mike Getsiv

Mike Getsiv has completed three books of wordless comics (Eyeballs, Lightbeam and one more as yet untitled) plus the anthology he edited called Snow Stories. He was a major supporter and contributor to the Eisner-nominated anthology Abstract Comics published by Fantagraphics and now he’s working on a full-length autobiographical comic book called The Green Kid.

He also started a collaborative project called ABCOLAB on Abstract Comics: The Blog and received contributions from ten countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Finland, Portugal, Russia, the United States and Uruguay.

Twitter along with him at: http://twitter.com/MikeGetsiv


"2005" by Sean Christensen

Sean Christensen aka Awesome But True aka Glass Moustache is a prolific comics maker and mega awesome bro from way back.  When he’s not getting radical or enjoying life… oh wait… that’s never.  So in the midst of all that awesomeness you know he’s drawing pictures and making comics with his friends here in Portland.
One of his newest books is Labanotation: The Center of Weight, a collaboration with the incredible Amy Kuttab.  We’re pleased to present some pages from a new odyssey in progress, ‘2005’.



Tax Collection to Art Collection

Picture 4

As tax season slowly releases its grip on April USA Today reports on the amazing tax policy in Mexico in place since 1957 that allows artists to pay their taxes with artwork, creating an invaluable collection for the nation.

“Some of the art is explicit, but no matter.

‘There’s no censorship here,’ says Julieta Ruiz, a curator at the museum.

If anything, the temptation to needle the taxman makes the art even edgier.”

Arthur Radio Voyage #9: Forest Dwelling with Overture

Above (left): Collage by Aya & Jason (Overture), created live in the radio station during the broadcast of Arthur Radio Voyage #9. Double-click to view fullscreen.

Stream: [audio:http://www.arthurmag.com/magpie/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Arthur-Radio-Voyage-9-Forest-Dwelling-with-Jason-Aya-3-14-2010.mp3%5D

Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #9: Forest Dwelling with Overture

This week we arrived at the Newtown Radio studio to find it transformed beyond recognition… emerald green vines blanketed the walls, and a lush carpet of multi-colored mosses and swamp grass covered the floor. We pushed our way through a thicket of elephant ears into a sun-dappled glade, where our guests Jason & Aya (otherwise known as Overture, the minds behind the cover of the recent Six Organs of Admittance/Azul split LP), were seated on bed of soft purple and magenta leaves. We listened under the shade of a poplar tree as they read tales of fantastical landscapes where landslides, floods and rainfall had created a boggy wonderland full of dancing musical animals, rhubarb babies, and a wise old vegetable lady…

After the storytelling, we ventured into the glade to ask our enchanting guests more about these worlds they had woven before our eyes. The first reading, it turns out, was inspired by a spine-tinglingly beautiful animation that the the super-artist duo made for Múm‘s song “Rhubarbidoo” from their 2007 album Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.

The second reading was inspired by the following three animations, which the artists made for experimental piano maestro Hauschka‘s 2008 album Ferndorf:

The third reading, a story in which “An old man confronts his fears, traveling across a personal landscape to realize and accept his path,” was based on an animation Overture made for the song “Bless” by Icelandic musician Kira Kira, which is featured on her 2008 album Our Map to the Monster Olympics. This video was just released to the world officially yesterday — Enjoy!!!

Learn more about Jason & Aya’s work and future escapades at http://www.opertura.org and on their blog.

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