"Post-Election Funnies: How do we make art in this political climate?" edited by Tom Devlin (Arthur No. 15/March 2005)

Post-Election Funnies

It’s George Bush’s world, they just draw comics in it. A special feature on making art in troubled times, featuring work by Chris Wright, Brian Ralph, Dan Zettwoch, Megan Kelso, Ben Jones, Paul Lyons, David Lasky, Tom Hart, Vanessa Davis, Greg Cook, Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart and John Hankiewicz. Edited by Tom Devlin.

Originally published in Arthur No. 15 (March 2005). Click each image (page) to really enlarge. It’s still not gonna be completely legible—for that, you’ll have to see the actual magazine (available at the Arthur Store for cheep)—but it’s pretty good.

Marc Bell "Hot Potatoe Tour"


From Marc Bell:

Drawn and Quarterly is sending me off on a book tour this Fall in support of the HOT POTATOE. I’ll post this again later with the times for all of the events but here we have it….

Thursday, October 15th
Adam Baumgold Gallery
60 East 66th St, New York, NY 10065 (6-8 pm, ALSO: HOT POTATOE EXHIBITION!)

Saturday/Sunday, October 17th-18th
Alternative Press Expo
The Concourse, 620 7th St, San Francisco, CA

Monday, October 19th
Lucky’s Comics
3972 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, October 21st
436 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, October 25th
Desert Island
540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Friday, November 20th
Magic Pony
694 Queen St West, Toronto, ON

Friday, November 27th
Librairie D+Q Bookstore
211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal, QC

Ginormous MARC BELL monograph coming soon….


From former Arthur comics editor Tom Devlin, of the highly esteemed Drawn & Quarterly :

Okay, so I’ve mentioned it a few times already because I’ve been working on this book for what seems like FOREVER except now it’s almost done and I’m trying my best to create an other-publishers-should-be-jealous-and-comics-buyers-need-to-start-saving-their-disposable-income series of posts this week–Marc Bell has a 272-page monograph of his fine art and fine aht and foin ART and even some comics coming out soon. Is Marc Canada’s finest young artist working today? Of course, he is! Eat your heart out, Marcel Dzama.

More pages here…