Arthur Radio Transmission #35 w/ MOUNTAINHOOD

Above and below: Photographs by Michael Hilde (

For this episode of Arthur Radio, our dear friend Michael (aka warbling troubadour Mountainhood) left his woodland home in northern California and trekked across the vast continent to join us in wet, grey Brooklyn. His live set, recorded in Hairy Painter’s living room, somehow captures the dewy green landscape he inhabits out west; the quiet of the wind rustling the treebranches, the feeling that a four-legged creature may be watching from nearby, protectively…

Mountainhood’s songs capture a sense of both solitude and oneness with nature that is for the most part difficult to find in the concrete jungle of New York City. Michael, however, feels at home in both environments– and is more than happy to share his stories, songs and artwork with friends new and old alike, wherever his journey takes him.

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DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #35 w/ MOUNTAINHOOD 11-07-2010

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DAILY MAGPIE – February 28th – Balloon Mountains at ARTHURDESH

Before you go to ARTHURDESH, I want to let you know about another contributor to the benefit’s jam-packed lineup: balloonist and inventor Mathew Lippincott of the portal Where The Summer Calm of Charity Perpetually Reigns. Keep watch during the ethereal warblings of Californian experimental folkie Michael Hilde (Mountainhood) as Lippincott’s balloon mountains float across the stage. Lippincott recently finished a guide to solar balloon-building (available for download in .pdf format here), and if you find him after the performance he will give you free plastic and instructions so that you can make your very own inflatable tetrahedron — it’s even better than flying a kite!