Beach party bonfire singalong: SONNY & THE SUNSETS "Too Young to Burn"


Above: Sonny and a sunset

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Download: “Too Young To Burn” — Sonny and the Sunsets (mp3)

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Haven’t heard a California beach party bonfire singalong this ramshacklin’ good since Little Wings drifted out… On second thought: this song is plenty sturdy, isn’t it? From an album full of Velvets-on-the-beach singalongs called Tomorrow Is Alright, released late last year by San Francisco-based Sonny & the Sunsets. A run of 500 on vinyl is gone already but CDs are available for pre-order now from the good folks at Soft Abuse.

Sonny & the Sunsets:

Sonny Smith:

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It's THE CRAMPS, baby!!!


Live CRAMPS at City Gardens (Trenton, NJ circa ’81 maybe ’82) show, courtesy the network of Cramps fans and the folks at Tequila Sunrise Records of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Original source is unknown.


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Download: “Primitive” – The Cramps (live at City Gardens) (mp3)

Celebration Doesn't Care About The Vampires Anymore

Baltimore’s psychedelic rock & soul saviors Celebration have two brand new songs up for free download on their website, Celebration Electric Tarot. What’s more, they’re gonna be releasing all their new music in this manner. Once they’ve got enough new songs for an album, they’ll do a proper vinyl release, but if you’re happy with 192kbps MP3s, it’s all gratis when it comes to their shimmering guitar trance workouts. From their manifesto:

We, as Celebration, have felt the continual growth of web culture’s need for barrier-free exchange. We also feel that the traditional methods of releasing music have put too much distance between us. As we see it, the current music business model is crumbling. We believe their methods waste resources and time in a “print for market world” that no longer makes sense. The birth of the MP3 has dreamt the death of the CD format, and so all across the board, CD sales have dropped. What has given way is something so magical and evolutionary, music has grown, that we have only begun to understand the cultural impact of this sharing. So, past the piles of broken CD cases and badly scratched polycarbonate rainbow discs, there lies a fantastic world of freedom –freedom to share instantly with little or no impact on the environment, in a seemingly infinite, eternal and virtually cost free universe of the world wide web. This is our emancipation. Without the need for manufacturing CDs and the danse macabre of the promotional corporate machine, we can be free to release our music when and how we want –no waiting. We know nothing of the marketing world and don’t care about the vampires any more.

For more on Celebration, we would like to direct your attention to Ian Svenonius’s Q&A with the band from Arthur 27 (December 2007). You can download the PDF or purchase a hard copy by clicking here. Visit Celebration’s website to download “I Will Not Fall” and “What’s This Magical”. Read their full manifesto after the jump. (once again via Gorilla Vs. Bear).

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