"Transcendental Police" by Marie Pohl

I came across Marie’s (or Marijpol) work in a German comics anthology called Orang.  I was immediately attracted to her confident, cartoony style and the mysterious symbolism encoded in her work.  On her website I found this funny series of illustrations called ‘Transcendental Police’.  We decided to start with this one because the translation was pretty simple and the humor works even without the translations.  Hopefully we’ll be sharing more from this talented artist in the future.

1.Transcendental Police
2. It’s a dogs’ choice
3. In rank and file – Parade ’93
4. In honour of Hannibal
5. Gunshots to happiness
6. The confession
7. Adam
8. Intuitive paperwork
9. The new Auromat
10. has no title…

I was born in Berlin in 1982, living in Hamburg now. I have published in several comic anthologies like Orang, Spring (Germany) and Canicola (Italy). This year my first book is gonna be published by avant-Verlag(the publisher). Its title is “Trommelfels” (that is a wordgame and aproximately means eardrum but also drum made from stone).

The book is about a frustrated elderly couple.They are archeologists working at a bizarre excavation ground in the desert. They are desperate to find something sensational at the end of their career. Which they wont. But there is somebody else who is stumbling across that sensation just by chance.

The Center for Applied Magic(k): DONUT POWER (Arthur, 2006)

Originally published in Arthur No. 22 (April 2006)

Applied Magic(k): Donut Power
by the Center for Tactical Magic

Although people often associate the word “occult” with secret magical orders, demon-worshipers and ancient alchemical scrawlings, its root definition is simply “secret, concealed, or hidden.” But strangely enough, “occult” is rarely associated with those who are perhaps most invested in secrets and concealments: that is, government, military, corporations and even performing magicians. Perhaps this popular tendency to view “occultism” through an anachronistic mist is ultimately a concealment of its own accord.

If we regard an occult force as “that which is hidden,” it should come as no surprise to realize that we are constantly surrounded by the occult. Everywhere we look we don’t see it…at least not at first. Otherwise it wouldn’t be occult; it would be obvious and apparent. Unseen forces are indeed at play all around us. We often fail to recognize their presence for any number of reasons: the forces may seem insignificant to the situation, we are distracted by other factors, etc. Whether one favors ritual magick or performing magic, the first challenge is to recognize which forces are present, hidden or otherwise.

Fortunately, occult forces sometimes have a funny way of revealing themselves. In 2001, members of the Center for Tactical Magic were enjoying a leisurely tromp through downtown San Francisco with a few thousand other people protesting the 21st Century’s first major display of government occultism: George W. Bush’s inauguration. At the end of the trolley line at Powell and Market, the march lost momentum and gradually slowed to a jiggle. Some protesters scurried into cafes to get their latte fixes while others started break-dancing to boom boxes in the streets. Meanwhile, riot police began to huddle in the doorways of the GAP. There were other big department stores and icons of global capitalism nearby, but for reasons unknown the GAP seemed to be getting the bulk of police attention. (Perhaps it was one of those rare instances where Power reveals itself, as if the cops were hinting, “You’re already gathered to fight injustice, you might as well protest conformist fashion produced by sweatshop labor, too.”) At first, no one seemed to care, except possibly the few shoppers who hurried away at the first signs (namely, armored cops) that something might be amiss. Gradually though, activists seemed to take to the idea, and soon a small group settled down at the feet of the police line to sip their lattes and eat their lunches.

Please see exhibit A, the photo we’ve provided for your entertainment…

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