NEW MUSIC: The Psychic Paramount

Download: “DDB” – The Psychic Paramount (mp3)


Eight—no, NINE—minutes of ear-shearing action rock from a gifted instro band that’s been silent on the recording front for too many years. Give in now. From II, out Feb 22 via the good folks at No Quarter.


Tuesday night fried out beautiful doom blues: HEADDRESS



Download: “The Lost White Brother” – Headdress (mp3)

There are few more appropriate sounds than these for that part of the night when you’ve been working the old beer/greens combo and the couch seems like a great place to go visit.

Buy this whole goddamn record (called Lunes) from these guys here. This record was made possible by No Quarter Records of New York City, home of Endless Boogie, The Psychic Paramount, Circle and Doug Paisley.