Arthur Radio wants to say We Love You. A Lot. Joining us in this sentiment is special guest DJ Evie Elman, whose documentary Spiritual Lasagna about her grandmother, artist and lover of life Gemma Taccogna (featured on Arthur a few summers back), will cause even the most icy heart to thaw.

Evie’s solo show “Untied” opens tonight, February 14th at Brewers Mansion gallery in Brooklyn with a happening involving “Ancient craft, and sacred ritual via throw pillows, drums, dance, and audience participation” at 8.30 pm, and runs through Friday, February 18th with a closing performance at the same time.

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Arthur Radio Transmission #36 w/ Evie Elman & Ivy Meadows

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Medical Marijuana Pr0n


Did you know that the “C” in CNBC stands for “consumer?” We always thought it was for “Canadian,” when we thought about it at all. They’ve got some probably dumb tee vee especial about “America’s marijuana industry thriving and making bazillions of dollars like never before” coming up and it’s called MARIJUANA INK so maybe it’s also about horrible pot tattoos. (Wocka wocka it’s actually Inc. like incorporated). Ask your friend who still has television reception to tape it for you, I guess.

Anyway, in the run-up to their big reefer show, Consumer NBC’s got some doof named “Danny Danko” from embarrassing pot magazine High Times giving us the current market price of 12 different cannabis strains in a lovingly photographed slideshow. If you have not looked at High Times in awhile — like a decade, say — it is a real hoot because they actually do marijuana porn now. Like pictures of naked women either rolling around in marijuana, or with pot leaves magically Photoshopped onto their skin. It is truly gross and hilarious. Anyway, enjoy the weed pitchers. (via anonymous tipster/Boing Boing)

I am not a number! I am a free man!: Patrick McGoohan RIP

Growing up in pre-internet rural central Indiana, there was no cable television and the radio was awful which basically meant late-night PBS programming was totally mind-blowing for your contributing editor. Dr. Who, Monty Python and most amazing among them all for its sheer menacing weirdness, The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan, the star of the crushingly brilliant 1967 dystopian sci-fi spy series died on January 13, 2009 at age 80.

AMC has the whole series up online and it’s just gorgeous. Watch it here.

Read McGoohan’s obituary from the Guardian after the jump.

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