'TOTEM PILL' by Marc Ngui


Really digging this animation sent over by Marc Ngui (music is “The Grand Elixir” by Ocote Soul Sounds).  Read more about the ideas and inspiration at Marc’s site:

Totem Pill is inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s description of Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit Model of Human Consciousness.

The model addresses the question of how and why the mind evolved into an organ of consciousness. Beginning with a single celled organism, each system of consciousness is created as an emergent phenomenon of the previous system in an ever more complex networking process, leading towards a godlike state existing in all time-space with the possibility of engaging with other time spaces. The model is a creation myth, a cosmic blueprint, and fertile territory for the imagination.

DAILY MAGPIE – Jan. 25 – Zebulon


What? ESP-disk is back in busy-ness, whoda thunkit, right? right.  Enjoy a night of Bernard Stollman’s legendary precedent definings with intergenerational ahead-of-their-timers TOTEM>, Alan Sondheim, Okkyung Lee and Nate Wooley. Additional music by DJ Whistle Punk and your free cd. 21+

Date and Time: Sunday, Jan. 25th, 8PM
Venue: Zebulon
Address: 258 Wythe, Brooklyn
Directions: L to Bedford, J/M/Z to Marcy
Price: Free

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