Theusaisamonster Is Done Fighting

Your contributing editor learned a long time ago to be suspicious of most white dreads but theusaisamonster guys get a lifetime pass because they make unstoppable songs like “Cocaine Wedding” and create things like the above eight-minute-long forest-prog fantasy animation video. Witness “Fight No More Forever (remix)” and understand why people are bummed that they’ll be playing their last-ever show, this Saturday, May 9, 2009. Go click around on their mySpace page for more about that show.

A bit more info: The film is directed by Peter Glantz and incorporates 150 fresh new drawings by the great Kevin Hooyman, who was recently featured on this site. The song originally featured on THEUSAISAMONSTER’s “Tasheyana Compost” album.

UPDATE: Director Peter Glantz wrote to let us know that you can download yer very own HD copy of the above video — suitable for iPod screenings, etc — for $1.50. Wotta deal! Just click below …


16 MARCH 2004





Demonic wails from Providence – bearded guitar-orists. Frothing fast leads, crunching power, and wailing
screams at a planet choking on its own vomit.

   Two guitars and drums. Features a past member of the USAISAMONSTER clan for added incestual sensuality.

 Artwork on this record is constructed from 24K gold and inscribed by a team of middle earth dwarves in the smitty halls of hell. Gold will be the currency the world uses after George Bush destroys this cursed ball of dirt known
as Earth.

    For ballpark references think Voivod and Man is the Bastard.


1. Unscheduled Sunrise

2. Small Field of Death

3. Blood Clot Guts

4. One more Moment on the

5. Invading Assassin is

6. Sickstick

7. Night

8. Large Field of Death

9. Fubar

10. Incephalopod

11. 1914

12. Broken Glass for Dinner