DREAMWEAPON – The Art and Life of Angus MacLise opens May 10, 2011 in New York

Photo of Angus MacLise in Kathmandu by Ira Cohen

Via Boo-Hooray:

DREAMWEAPON / The Art and Life of Angus MacLise is the upcoming exhibit at pop-up / parasite gallery Boo-Hooray presenting the work of the American artist, poet, percussionist, and composer active in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London and Kathmandu in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The exhibition series is open every day May 10th – May 29th and will include an overview of poetry, artwork, and publications in Chelsea, a sound installation featuring the complete MacLise tapes archive in Chinatown, and a night of film at Anthology Film Archives screening never-before seen outtakes from Ira Cohen’s The Invasion of Thunderbolt PagodaDREAMWEAPON is curated
by Johan Kugelberg and Will Cameron.

Arthur Radio #5: Amor Apocalíptico, with live set by Wish

(Above: Collage featuring in-studio photo by Anna Gonick and artwork by Wish)

This past Sunday, Emilie Friedlander (Visitation Rites) joined Ivy Meadows in the depths of the Newtown Radio caverns to celebrate the first day of the Year of the Tiger. Zeljko McMullen of the music/visual/art collective Shinkoyo played us a live set via his solo musical vessel Wish, and we all took a moment to reflect on the dazzlingly multidimensional, many-mirrored, endless maze that is love…

Stream: [audio:http://www.arthurmag.com/magpie/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/ARTHUR-RADIO-5-Amor-Apocaliptico-2-14-2010.mp3%5D

Download: Arthur Radio #5: Amor Apocalíptico 2-14-2010

This week’s playlist…
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Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – BRAD WILL

Indymedia activist, killed in street protests, Oaxaca, Mexico.

PUNKIE NIGHT: Children parade with gourd lanterns on last Thursday in October.

1904 — New York City subway opens.
1912 — Player piano composer Conlon Nancarrow born, Texarkana, Arkansas.
1914 — Welsh poet Dylan Thomas born, Swansea, Wales.
1932 — American poet Sylvia Plath born, Boston, Massachusetts.
2006 — New York Indymedia journalist Brad Will killed, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective

June 19th through 21st – Bicycle Film Festival in NYC

This summer’s international Bicycle Film Festival will be held at Anthology Film Archives in New York from June 19th through 21st, featuring a smorgasbord of bicycle-related short films and feature-length movies from all over the world.

Short films range from a watercolor animation showing the director’s thoughts while riding her bicycle (Thoughts On My Bike), to a documentary about a group of friends from Trinidad who built “enormous stereo systems jerry-rigged onto ordinary BMX bikes” so that they could throw their neighborhood “an outrageous impromptu music and dance party on wheels” (Made in Queens).

Feature-lengths of note include Keirin Queen/Onna Keirn, a classic Japanese film about a girl from a small fishing town who trains to become a Keirin track queen, and Where Are You Go, a documentary about a cycling adventure across Africa:


32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St.)

Tickets are $10 per program.

Learn more about the festival and buy tickets here.

May 30, NYC—HUNGRY FOR DEATH: Destroy All Monsters Exhibition opening at Printed Matter in NYC

This Saturday, come to Printed Matter to rejoice among various ephemera created by the members of Michigan’s legendary music collective Destroy All Monsters including flyer art, posters, photos, magazines, records and drawings made over the course of the 1970s and after their reunion in 1996.

Here’s an anecdote to familiarize you with Destroy All Monsters’ steez, if you’re not already super excited about this show:

Formed at a house party in 1973, Destroy All Monsters’ original line-up [Mike Kelley, Cary Loren, Niagara, and Jim Shaw, among others] played their first gig at a comic book convention—where they were asked to leave after ten minutes—using prepared guitars, a drum machine, tape loops, and various other instruments to create an unorthodox sound of suburban dystopian psyche music that was equal parts Stooges, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Velvet Underground, and Sci-Fi B-movie shtick.

The opening will also feature a special musical performance by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), and the release of a limited edition of Destroy All Monsters’ lost LP SEXTET, available to the public for the first time ever. So whether you’re an avid fan who first experienced Bored/You’re Gonna Die as an angsty teenager, or a curious head who just wants to see what it’s all about — don’t hesitate, this is gonna be a good time.

Opening Saturday, May 30th from 5 – 7PM (closing August 29th)
Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue / New York, NY 10011

May 15th – Book Launch for Arik Roper's "Mushroom Magick" at Gavin Brown's enterprise in NYC

Arik Moonhawk Roper (a longtime Arthur contributing artist) will be celebrating the launch of his new book Mushroom Magick this Friday in New York. In creating this book, Roper has added his own indelible mark to the long history of mushroom art, presenting over 90 of his original portraits of hallucinogenic species of mushroom alongside educational writings by friends and scholars Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck and Gary Lincoff. Learn more about and see images of Roper’s richly water-colored illustrations of these mysterious fungi in this blog post.

Be warned: If you are not wary of the importance of the mushroom’s existence on earth, after reading this book you will no doubt be conscious of the fact that fungi are communicating with our world in ways that are nothing less than mind-blowing…

Friday, May 15th, 6-8pm (on view through May 30th)
Gavin Brown’s enterprise
620 Greenwich St. / New York, NY 10014
Free admission

May 15: Complementary Currency Panel Discussion with Douglas Rushkoff, Alex Gordon-Brander, and Charles Eisenstein at the I.D. Project in New York

For those of you who have yet to make it down there, Friday, May 15th is a wonderful occasion to check out the Interdependence Project (or I.D. Project) in the East Village, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to channeling meditation and mindfulness practice into their real-life applications in the arts, ecology, activism, and community service. From 8 to 10pm, longtime Arthur contributor Douglas Rushkoff will join writers Alex Gordon-Brander and Charles Eisenstein in a panel discussion entitled “Beyond the Benjamins: Complementary Currency Systems and Social Interdependence”, followed by a question and answer session. Should be a lively and informative evening for people looking to find out what complementary currency is and how they can get jump-start an alternative exchange movement from the ground up.

A description of the event from the I.D. Project Website:

Alternative currency systems naturally encourage cooperation, reciprocation, self-reliance, and mutual aid. These four elements are the foundation of social interdependence and socio-economic solidarity. Come learn about starting a complementary currency and how new forms of exchange build value in your community.

Join us for a panel discussion featuring Alex Gordon-Brander, Charles Eisenstein, and Douglas Rushkoff. Q&A to follow introductions and explanations.

Friday May 15, 2009, 8pm-10pm
Lila Center, Interdependence Project
302 Bowery @ Houston St., 3rd fl.
F/V, D, 6, R/W trains all nearby
$10 or $5 (students/unemployed/monthly IDP donors)

Money should not keep you away!
Let us know if you can’t afford the cost and would like to attend.

Contact info@theidproject.com

The I.D. Project also has a group in Portland, Oregon!

May 16: No Fun Fest 2009 presents "Infinite Sound and Image" Screening at the New Museum in New York

Whether you splurged on a three-day pass way back in February, or didn’t realize until yesterday that tickets are 100% SOLD OUT, fans of New York’s No Fun Fest will be pleased to learn that this year’s installment is more than the usual three night affair. Recognizing that many of the artists on the bill next month are active outside the purely musical sphere, No Fun organizer Carlos Giffroni teams with Rhizome director Lauren Cornell on May 16 for an afternoon of film, video, and performance at the New Museum. Presented in tandem with the museum’s three-floor “Younger than Jesus” extravaganza (“50 artists from 25 countries all under the 33”), the event features a collaboration between Jim O’Rourke and filmmaker Makino Takashi, another between Robert Beatty (Hair Police, Three Legged Race) and video artist Takeshi Murata, and solo works by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Sarah Lipstate/Noveller, and Dominick Fernow/Prurient. Rumor has it that Meghan Ellis and Giffroni himself will round off the gathering with a little multi-media spectacle of their own.

Just a question for the folks behind No Fun: an endorsement from a major art institution like the New Museum is definitely no chicken feed, and some might even say that the festival has now officially joined the the major leagues. So why is the event not even listed on the No Fun website?

No Fun 2009: Infinite Sound and Image
Saturday, May 16, 3pm
New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002
$6 members, $8 general public

Nieves Retrospective thru May 23rd at Printed Matter in New York, NY

Do you dream of a room filled with one-of-a-kind zines and art books made by amazing people, where you are free to spend long, contented afternoons perusing at your leisure? Consider Printed Matter your fantasy library. Currently on view is a collection of 100 + titles by Swiss publisher Nieves, ranging from “limited edition, photocopied zines, to more-formally recognized hardcover, perfect-bound and offset books.”

Included in Nieves’ catalog are works by Wesley Willis, Harmony Korine, Chris Johanson/Jo Jackson, Taro Hirano, David Shrigley, Maya Hayuk, Ira Cohen, Thurston Moore and many, many others

On view April 4th – May 23rd
Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10011

For more info & hours, go here.

April 23, Listen to Rhys Chatham and Robert Longo on WNYC Radio

No doubt about it. At $40 a ticket, the “Downtown Comes Uptown: The Pictures Generation, 1974-1984” concert showcase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this Friday is a little more than most of our bank accounts can handle, even if seeing visual artist Robert Longo‘s “Sound Distance of a Good Man” multi-media piece (1978) and composer Rhys Chatham‘s “Guitar Trio” (1977) is not something that most fans of New York No Wave would want to miss. More than an epic evening of music and visuals, the event is a document of the artists’ storied collaboration, with Longo returning as one of the original guitarists in Chatham’s piece and resurrecting “Pictures for Music”, a slide projection he created for “Guitar Trio” in 1979.

Luckily, people interested in learning more about Longo and Chatham’s work together can do so for free, by listening to a live interview on John Schaefer’s “New Sounds” program on WNYC, this Thursday at 2:30 pm. Even better, people who tune in to the radio interview can get a $15 discount on tickets for the show, by mentioning that they heard Rhys and Robert on the radio when they reserve spots at the Met by phone, online, or at the box office. Students and artists who mention that they are one of these things when they order the tickets are also eligible for a $15 discount.

Rhys Chatham and Robert Longo radio interview
Thursday, April 23, 2:30 pm
FM 93.9, AM 820, or streamed from the WNYC website