Arthur Radio Voyage #8 with Bobby Bouzouki

Last Sunday Arthur Radio embarked on its eighth voyage, this time to the wind-swept deserts of Greece, Morocco, Arizona and beyond… Special guest Robert Damore (aka Bobby Bouzouki) graced the Newtown Radio studio with the warm, nostalgia-inducing sounds of his bouzouki, and even took the time to tell us some of the narratives behind the rebetika (Greek folk songs) that he played during his set.

Before your journey begins, dear listeners, we have the following message to deliver from ye olde writing desk of DJ Hairy Painter…

The sun is here and opens the curtains slowly! It brings the slow glowing dust! It springs the earth out of polar jail, the winds blow the desert sand to make for better traction. If you sit, it will make your hair look sexier! The tectonic plates are shifting all around us, their quakes make the planet spin faster, and change the pitch! If you jump, you can land in buttes, the plateaus, or the Isle of Cyros! Through our earth’s muzak, the winds blow Bobby Bouzouki up to the Arthur radio treehouse for a jaunt upon rebetika mountain. Happy trials!

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Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #8 with Bobby Bouzouki

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Arthur Radio #5: Amor Apocalíptico, with live set by Wish

(Above: Collage featuring in-studio photo by Anna Gonick and artwork by Wish)

This past Sunday, Emilie Friedlander (Visitation Rites) joined Ivy Meadows in the depths of the Newtown Radio caverns to celebrate the first day of the Year of the Tiger. Zeljko McMullen of the music/visual/art collective Shinkoyo played us a live set via his solo musical vessel Wish, and we all took a moment to reflect on the dazzlingly multidimensional, many-mirrored, endless maze that is love…

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Download: Arthur Radio #5: Amor Apocalíptico 2-14-2010

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April 23, Listen to Rhys Chatham and Robert Longo on WNYC Radio

No doubt about it. At $40 a ticket, the “Downtown Comes Uptown: The Pictures Generation, 1974-1984” concert showcase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this Friday is a little more than most of our bank accounts can handle, even if seeing visual artist Robert Longo‘s “Sound Distance of a Good Man” multi-media piece (1978) and composer Rhys Chatham‘s “Guitar Trio” (1977) is not something that most fans of New York No Wave would want to miss. More than an epic evening of music and visuals, the event is a document of the artists’ storied collaboration, with Longo returning as one of the original guitarists in Chatham’s piece and resurrecting “Pictures for Music”, a slide projection he created for “Guitar Trio” in 1979.

Luckily, people interested in learning more about Longo and Chatham’s work together can do so for free, by listening to a live interview on John Schaefer’s “New Sounds” program on WNYC, this Thursday at 2:30 pm. Even better, people who tune in to the radio interview can get a $15 discount on tickets for the show, by mentioning that they heard Rhys and Robert on the radio when they reserve spots at the Met by phone, online, or at the box office. Students and artists who mention that they are one of these things when they order the tickets are also eligible for a $15 discount.

Rhys Chatham and Robert Longo radio interview
Thursday, April 23, 2:30 pm
FM 93.9, AM 820, or streamed from the WNYC website