Arthur Radio Transmission #30 w/ ALICE COHEN

Above: Collage of spliced animation stills taken from Alice Cohen’s “Mirror Moves For Private Eyes” on Vimeo.

Alice Cohen is a musician-animator, a wearer of various brightly-colored hats who has traversed many a terrain over the past 30 years, from Philly r&b songwriter to new wave frontwoman (of The Vels) to the present, where she is both a one-woman-band (her most recent LP “Walking Up Walls” was released on Olde English Spelling Bee in 2009) and the creator of many magical worlds in her meticulously collaged stop-motion animations, which draw from a palette of art deco interiors, vintage women’s fashion magazines, early hollywood memorabilia, abstract shapes, insects, birds, the moon, dream spaces and beyond.

She is currently working on music videos for Weekends, Linda Hagood, and Vomit Heat, and her video piece “Ear Candy” will be shown (in full big screen glory) as part of an experimental animation night at Anthology Film Archives on December 1st in NYC.

Above: Animation still from Alice Cohen’s “Ear Candy” on Vimeo.

STREAM IT: [audio:

KEEP IT: Arthur Radio Transmission #30 w/ ALICE COHEN 9-18-2010

[ Hairy Painter + Ivy Meadows deejayin @ 00:00 ]

bruce haack – cherubic hymn
Tracey Trance – “Fountain” cassette
psychic tv – stolen kisses
prince far i – you i love and not another
bubonic plague – sal’s tropical depression
future pigeon – el dub
Lazer Zeppelin – “Pyramid Echo” cassette
moebius & plank – rastakraut pasta
c.o.m.b.i. – pgb
Wanda Psychs – Quiet
Secret Colors – Hammock Vibe

[ Alice Cohen live in-studio session @ 36:35 mins ]

[ Interview w/ Ivy Meadows @ 59:19 mins ]

[ Alice Cohen deejayin @ 1 hr 10 mins ]

Pete McCabe – Feelin’ Lonely
Danielle Dax – Bed Caves
Nash the Slash – The Chase
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Mais ou sont passees les Gazelles?
Bloodless Pharaohs – Bloodless Pharaohs
Joey Wilson – Underground (reprise)/ Going Up
Bunnydrums – On the Surface
Fantastic Planet Soundtrack – Deshominisation (parts I and II)
David Microwave – I Don’t Want to Hold You
Christian Death – The Glass House
Equals – Sunday Morning

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